3 Ideas On How To Turn On Your Valentine’s Day

Planning on having a wild sexual encounter this Valentine’s day? It doesn’t matter if the experience you are looking for is soft and gentle or rough and adventurous — what matters is that you make it a memorable night for your partner.  Do something different this year, something more enticing. Read on and jump start your imagination…

  1. Taste. Chocolate, anyone? What may come to mind are the heart shape chocolates you can get at any convenience store. Why don’t you try something different this year and indulge in a chocolate fondue? Set the mood before your partner with candles and flowers. Cover fresh strawberries or even your own skin. Get creative.
  2. Stare. Have you ever played the staring game? Eye contact can be the sexiest part of intimacy with your partner. Try gazing into each other’s eyes throughout the whole love-making experience. Whether you take it seriously or giggle a little, sex is supposed to be fun and bring you closer together. Pretty simple, right?
  3. Pretend. What if your partner could pick you up…again? Pick a time and place to meet at, in separate cars, and take on a new persona as if you were strangers. Whether you become Grace the florist or Chris the racecar driver, have fun with it and let it be organic. Maybe you will be the one to initiate conversation with your
    mysterious, yet familiar lover. After some seductive and suggestive banter, go
    to a private place to take your tryst all the way!

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