Bed Buddies: A Fun Play Date or a Waste of Time?

Your regular bedroom guest offers you consistent satisfaction and companionship on cold nights, but is the hangout helping or hurting you?

Let’s assess. On a surface level—assuming you’re being safe and taking proper precautions—your bed buddy is the perfect playmate. It’s the ultimate physical relationship: always fun, always fresh and leaves little to no room for any arguments or stresses. If a busy schedule doesn’t give you the time to fully commit to someone, having a hook-up friend is the perfect solution.

But is it a total waste of time? It may be for two reasons. The first depends on your attachment. Is your partner someone you’d emotionally invest in if they gave you the chance or showed you the same level of interest? If so, the arrangement may be hurting your cause, as your bed buddy is only seeing the sexy side of you and probably not considering you as relationship material. Ask yourself: Do I want to take the relationship to the next level?

If the answer is yes, consult our guide on how to turn a fling into the real thing and get to work.

The second reason is that you may be hindering yourself from finding someone to spend time with both in and outside of the bedroom. If your bed buddy is the first person you consider when making plans, their presence in your life is probably making you shy away from meeting—and dating—new people. Ask yourself: Would I be willing to break a bedtime date with my late night friend to go for drinks with an attractive new acquaintance?

If the answer is no, you might be getting too comfortable with your bed buddy, which could leave you lonely later. If it’s a yes, keep the relationship casual and break it off as soon as you’ve grown interested in someone new.

Weigh out the pros and cons on your emotional balance beam to determine if you should keep your bed buddy or cancel your next play date.

3 Top ‘Love Positions’ this Spring

There’s nothing like springing into a new season by refreshing your sex life! At least that’s what we think. At Executive Fantasy Hotels, we’re in the business of adding some excitement and adventure to the drab and boring parts of between-the-sheets activities. And as a special gift to you, we’ve compiled this blog to give you three new ways to add to your “sextivities” this spring. Let’s check them out!

The Dancer. Call us old fashioned, but we think there’s nothing sexier than face-to-face sexual positions. They’re personal, passionate and – ohh, don’t even get us started. The Dancer takes you out of the standard missionary position and takes it to a standing-up position, with the man lowering himself slightly while raising one of his lady’s legs and wrapping it around himself. Talk about close. And if you want to be closer? The one leg she has wrapped around you can pull you in closer. Yum.

Seated Face to Face. Slow, intimate and steamy. Is it getting warm in here? It’s simple. He sits down, legs forward. You sit on top of him, feet down on the bed – or floor. You’re as close as you’ll ever be, literally wrapped inside of each other. The pace is up to you, but we recommend slow; painfully, beautifully slow. Pull each other in close and ride all the way to the finish line.

The Arm Chair. Ready for some serious adventure? This one should do the trick. The guy gets seated comfortably on his butt, planting his hands firmly on the bed at his sides to steady himself. The girl takes a seat on top of him with her legs up over his shoulders and her own arms positioned behind her, on the outside of his legs, in order to steady herself. It’ll take some patience – and balance – to find the right spot, but once you do, watch out. It’s a sensation from an all new angle that you’ll be begging to try again and again.

Got any positions that you’d like to try? Share them with us – hey, we’re open minded. And if you’re looking to really try something fun and new, consider a steamy staycation at any of the Executive Fantasy Hotels locations near you. We’d love to have you!

How to Turn a Fling Into the Real Thing

It’s officially springtime, which means the temperature is rising—and so are temptations. If you’re not ready to let go of what was keeping you warm all winter, pay close attention. It can be a tricky transition from fiery fling to long-term romance, but with the right moves, it can work. Follow these tips to taking your relationship from bedroom-based to something more.

Be Friends

The last thing you want is to end up in the friend zone, but you need a strong foundation to build your new relationship on. Conversation is key here: talk about real things that matter in your daily lives. Pay attention to what he shares with you, and ask questions to keep him talking. The goal here is to make him feel comfortable confiding in you, so he sees you as more than just a fun time.

Play Hard to Get

Adding a little chase into the mix will spark his interest all over again. Be warned, the lines are thin here: make sure you hold back just enough to keep him wanting more, but not so much that he thinks you’re not into it anymore. At this point he’s already had the sexual aspect, so keeping it fresh and exciting is key.

Do (Other) Things Together

You’ve got the physical part down, and now it’s time to show him what you can do out of bed. Figure out a few activities you both enjoy, like a movie you both want to see or a band coming to town. If you can, pick something that is happening a few weeks later so you have future

plans. Hanging out in social settings will challenge your dynamic, giving you a preview of what the relationship will be like. Pay attention to his behavior in these situations to gage his interest.

Keep Your Independence

Being a consistent part of his life means having your own routine too. Show him a life he wants to be a part of by keeping your passions strong and your schedule busy. This gives you both space and takes some of the pressure off the relationship as it grows.

Let it Happen

Patience is the name of the game here. Many times, casual flings naturally end up evolving into something more. Let it happen organically—don’t obsess or panic, or you might miss the signs that the relationship is already going in the direction you wanted.

3 Tips to Add Some Spice to Your Long Lasting Relationship this New Year

With each New Year often come plenty of New Year’s resolutions. “I’m going to lose weight” or “I’m going to quit smoking or drinking” are popular ones, but what about your relationship with your significant other? Despite our best efforts, it’s not all that uncommon for us to get complacent in love – but it shouldn’t be that way. At Executive Fantasy Hotels, we’re in the “love” business, and we’re determined to help our fans and guests keep the spice in their love life going all year round. How? These three tips should help you stay on track.

Schedule Weekly Dates. If you don’t water your plants on a regular basis, they’re going to wither away. The same is true for relationships. The problem, though, is that relationships wither away much more slowly than any plant. And by the time we realize it, we have a real problem on our hands. The key is regular care, and in the case of relationships, that means a minimum of one date night per week. The same way you make time for your favorite TV shows or exercise classes at the gym, you need to make time for your partner. It may be as simple as shutting off your phones and making dinner with each other – or as adventurous as a night in the Cave Room at Executive Fantasy Hotels 😉

Remind Them. Simple gestures can go a long way toward showing someone just how much you truly do care. It’s not the gifts and acknowledgements on holidays and birthdays that do the trick; it’s the ‘just because’ moments. A note on the table. A mix of their favorite songs for a long commute. Stuff like that. Gifts that not only say “I care,” but “I pay attention.”

More Sex. Studies prove it to be true – the couples that have more sex are happier. Sure, the physical gratification is a stress reliever and mood booster on its own. But for connectedness to your partner? That’s big, too. It’s hard to admit, but consistently having sex with your partner can become hard work over the long haul. Kids. Work. Busy schedules. It all gets in the way of the free spirit that used to make sex an easy joy. The key? You have to make it happen. Talk about it openly and commit to doing it more often. Add some extra spice when you take your role play to Executive Fantasy Hotels!

Love doesn’t come easily, but then again, what’s worth having that comes easily? There’s nothing else more rewarding than sharing in a happy love with your partner. Make it the year of love in 2013, and let Executive Fantasy Hotels help you along the way!

Wet & Wild Risk – Taking Adventures

Let’s face it. Sometimes even the best of sex can become routine and, well, ordinary. Hey, it happens to the best of us. But not this time! As you know, we’re in the midst of our ‘Get Wet This Summer’ promotion, which not only encourages wet and wild fun, but lets you do it by saving $15 off your rental of an Executive Suite or Theme Room at our Executive Airport Hotel location.

So how do you break out of the rut of routine? Risky adventures. Nothing will make you – literally and figuratively – ‘come alive’ than stepping outside of your comfort zone. For some, a risky adventure might be a visit to the Executive Fantasy Hotels Cave Room. For others, it might be a late evening skinny dip in the ocean or backyard swimming pool.

Here’s how you do it. As is the case with many things in life, the majority of the excitement comes from anticipation. Get yours rising high by planning a wet and wild adventure with your lady a few days in advance. Text her about it periodically and give her a glimpse into your imagination as the moment approaches. She’ll love hearing about what she can look forward to – and the more descriptive you can be, the better. You can even add in a ‘stranger’ element to the fun by agreeing to meet somewhere, instead of going together.

Then? Well, the meeting itself is where the fun comes in. You can check out our previous blog for some great tips on shower sex, or if you’re still planning a night in bed, you can check out our blog about lubes, too. Whatever the case, have some fun with it. And be sure to schedule risk-taking adventures more often than not. That’s how you keep the passion alive.

Are the idea wheels moving now? Any new ideas of your own? We’d love to hear them!

Shower Power – 3 Positions for Steamy Sex to ‘Wet’ Your Appetite

We didn’t have to tell you that two wet bodies pressed against one another was a good time, but why take the risk of leaving you in the dark? Besides, we’ve been reminding you to ‘Get Wet’ at Executive Fantasy Hotels, right here in Miami. We even have waterfall showers and some rooms are equipped with private swimming pools. Hey, we wouldn’t get you hot and bothered without giving you a way to handle your business.

But back to the topic at hand – shower sex. We could spend lines of text trying to explain why it rocks, or theorize as to why the sensation is so spectacular, but who cares? The fact of the matter is that it sends your body into a frenzy of excitement and, frankly, we just want more of it. Don’t you? Here are a few tips:

  1. Face-to-Face. Water fun brings water dangers, too. If you’re going for it standing up, you’ll want to keep your balance in check. Have your guy stand underneath the shower head and face him chest to chest. Have him lift one of your legs and wrap it around his back side while holding you against him with the other, then use the leverage against one another to make some magic movements. Getting hot already? Well, just lower the water temperature.
  2. Take it to the Ground. Ladies, you’ll never look at ‘taking a bath’ the same way after this one. Lay down on the floor of the tub, shifting your weight over to one side so that you’re able to keep one leg resting on the ground while lifting up the other. Then have your guy slide himself over your lower leg while holding up your other leg as he makes his move. Make sure the bathtub is filled, though, and consider leaving the shower water off for this one. And just move to the ‘motion in the ocean.’
  3. The Wet Dog. An awful visual metaphor might become one of your favorites in a hurry. It’s a wet twist on doggie style from a standing start. Position the shower head directly between the point where your two bodies meet in the doggie style set-up, and feel the warm water trickle down to create more wet excitement where it matters most. If it gets to be too much to handle, consider positioning your hands up against the shower wall.

After reading these, maybe what you’ll need is a cold shower – that is, until you can get your guy and check off the ‘to-do’ list above in a hot shower. And we want to help you out, too! You can take advantage of a $15 off deal when you book an Executive Suite or Theme Room at our Executive Airport Hotel location. Room rentals are based on availability and you must be 18 years of age or older to get in on the fun. But days are passing by real fast so hurry in and feel free to get creative. The deal expires on October 10, 2012, so come see us today!

Add Lube for Some Wet & Wild Fun

Hey there, Fantasy Friends! This week, we’re getting a little wet – with lube, that is. Wait, who are we kidding – We’ve been encouraging you to ‘Get Wet This Summer’ from the start! And what better time to do it than now? When the going gets rough – figuratively and literally – whether because of stress or other factors, lubes are a great way to ease things up. More and more, love-makers are lubing up love time with a little bit of extra moisture, so the focus is on the fun, and not on discomfort.

The options run aplenty, but water-based lubes are perhaps the best and safest bet. For starters, they won’t stain your sheets or bedding with oily residue and they’re safer for your lady parts, too. Play it extra safe with a glycerin-free lube to avoid the added risk of a yeast infection (the sugars in glycerin can multiply yeast – yikes!)

Beyond that? Leave a small bottle at your bedside and let him get in on the action, too. Show him how fun it can be by leading the way – get a small amount on your hands, rub them together, then touch his man parts so he can feel the difference for himself. Then ask him to return the favor. To really ‘heat-up’ the excitement, get a warming liquid, which will add a bit of extra warmth to any part that you rub.

Woo hoo! Anyone else feeling a bit warm under the collar? Maybe you should get that little bottle sooner than later and spend an evening at Executive Fantasy Hotels. This summer, you can save $15 Off an Executive Suite or Theme Room at the Executive Airport Hotel. Visit to take advantage of our latest offer and Get Wet today!

Don’t forget to flirt with us on and Twitter @exfantasyhotels to learn more about our upcoming promotions and hot updates.

How to Bring Back the Fire in your Relationship

It was easy in the beginning, wasn’t it? No matter what happened during the work day, or how tired one of you may have been, there was always time for some sexual excitement and activity at the end of the day. But now? It’s not that you don’t want to; it’s just not coming to you as easily as it did before. Have no fear. We’ve got three tips that will start a fire in your bedroom tonight (go ahead and grab the fire extinguisher!)

One. Stop nitpicking and nagging. Both of you. If we stopped to think about the things that we gave our partners grief for on a day-to-day basis, we’d probably find that a good chunk of it was misplaced frustration or just flat-out unnecessary. Set a goal of three days, or maybe start at one. And in that time frame, commit to speaking to that person just like you did in the beginning, and even asking them questions about their day and what’s on their mind. You’ll be amazed by the shift toward positive energy.

Two. Remember how you got here. You didn’t end up with this person on accident. You chose them. You felt something powerful for them and at a point in time, it was an almost magnetic force. Well, what was it? What did it feel like? What was happening that made it fun and exciting? Piece by piece, try to duplicate certain elements of that beginning excitement. You might be surprised by how easy it becomes to see this person in a different light, just like you used to.

Three. Do it. Yes, ‘it.’ If you stop having sex, then you’re basically just roommates. And who needs that? Not you. We get it – schedules get hard, obligations increase and sex just doesn’t happen as easily as it used to. Get over it. If that means scheduling a weekly ‘Tuesday Night Touch’ or ‘Saturday Morning Session,’ go for it. The assumption that scheduled sex is boring and forced quickly goes out the window once you’re there and going at it. Sex is made for relationships, and if you’re not having it, then what do you have?

Those are just three tips, but there are certainly others. What have you done to keep the fire alive in your relationship? We’d love to hear from you. Even better? We’d love to see you. Plan a one-nighter at an Executive Fantasy Hotels location and take advantage of our special, discounted offer by visiting

You can also flirt with us on and Twitter @exfantasyhotels to learn more about our upcoming promotions and hot updates. We double dare you…

5 Signs He Wants to Have Sex

OK, ladies. Most of the time, you don’t exactly need a forensics kit to know when your man wants lovin’.  One could joke that if they’re breathing, they’re in the mood. But besides the most obvious way, believe it or not, there are other, more subtle, ways to tell too.

Next time you’re out together, look out for these five signs:

His pupils are dilated.                                                              

No, this doesn’t just happen when you’re getting your eyes checked. Your pupils dilate when you are aroused and turned on, so look into his peepers and see.

He speaks more deeply.                                                          

Studies show that a man lowers his pitch when he’s turned on. Just pray he doesn’t go overboard or you may get the giggles.

He hugs you around your lower back.                              

Really, any physical contact in this area would be a clue, since let’s face it, your booty is back there and that’s hard enough to resist.

He bites his lower lip.                                                            

This may even happen if he’s nervous, but it’s an endearing effort before he’s just about ready to pounce.

He rubs your shoulders.                                                    

Apparently, this is a subconscious simulation of grabbing elsewhere on your body and of course, it allows for closer contact.

Regardless of whether you notice these signs or not, there’s no better way to grant him his request than with a sexy outing at Executive Fantasy Hotels. Book one of our fantasy suites by clicking here.

3 Ideas On How To Turn On Your Valentine’s Day

Planning on having a wild sexual encounter this Valentine’s day? It doesn’t matter if the experience you are looking for is soft and gentle or rough and adventurous — what matters is that you make it a memorable night for your partner.  Do something different this year, something more enticing. Read on and jump start your imagination…

  1. Taste. Chocolate, anyone? What may come to mind are the heart shape chocolates you can get at any convenience store. Why don’t you try something different this year and indulge in a chocolate fondue? Set the mood before your partner with candles and flowers. Cover fresh strawberries or even your own skin. Get creative.
  2. Stare. Have you ever played the staring game? Eye contact can be the sexiest part of intimacy with your partner. Try gazing into each other’s eyes throughout the whole love-making experience. Whether you take it seriously or giggle a little, sex is supposed to be fun and bring you closer together. Pretty simple, right?
  3. Pretend. What if your partner could pick you up…again? Pick a time and place to meet at, in separate cars, and take on a new persona as if you were strangers. Whether you become Grace the florist or Chris the racecar driver, have fun with it and let it be organic. Maybe you will be the one to initiate conversation with your
    mysterious, yet familiar lover. After some seductive and suggestive banter, go
    to a private place to take your tryst all the way!

Got some Valentine’s Day ideas of your own? Share them with us by visiting our Facebook page And be sure to visit for more on how we can turn on your Valentine’s Day!