5 Signs He Wants to Have Sex

OK, ladies. Most of the time, you don’t exactly need a forensics kit to know when your man wants lovin’.  One could joke that if they’re breathing, they’re in the mood. But besides the most obvious way, believe it or not, there are other, more subtle, ways to tell too.

Next time you’re out together, look out for these five signs:

His pupils are dilated.                                                              

No, this doesn’t just happen when you’re getting your eyes checked. Your pupils dilate when you are aroused and turned on, so look into his peepers and see.

He speaks more deeply.                                                          

Studies show that a man lowers his pitch when he’s turned on. Just pray he doesn’t go overboard or you may get the giggles.

He hugs you around your lower back.                              

Really, any physical contact in this area would be a clue, since let’s face it, your booty is back there and that’s hard enough to resist.

He bites his lower lip.                                                            

This may even happen if he’s nervous, but it’s an endearing effort before he’s just about ready to pounce.

He rubs your shoulders.                                                    

Apparently, this is a subconscious simulation of grabbing elsewhere on your body and of course, it allows for closer contact.

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5 Hot Songs to Make Love To

Now, let’s be honest. Before you get busy, I am sure there is some sort of routine you complete before you hit the sheets. Maybe you dim the lights just right, or turn on a few candles around the room. My question is, do you have a “Gettin’ It On” playlist on your iPod? Because you should! According to sex and relationship expert Megan Fleming, PhD., putting together a sexy mix actually relaxes and excites you.

Below you will find some tantalizing tunes you can add to your “Gettin’ It On” playlist. And, don’t be shy.

1. “Sex is On Fire,” The Kings of Leon. The title of this song says it all…
2. “Cockiness (Love It),” Rihanna. If this sexy Rihanna song doesn’t turn you on, I don’t know what will.
3. “Love in This Club,” Usher. You know this song will be an asset to your playlist.
4. “Sexual Healing,” Marvin Gaye. This may be an oldie, but what a goodie!
5. “Crash Into Me,” Dave Matthews Band. This song may remind you of a make-out session you had with your high school sweetheart, but whoever said that was a bad thing.

Now, that you have some love-making songs for your playlist, it is time for you to dim the lights and turn up the heat. Do you have some song ideas that get you in the mood? We would love to hear what you’ve got! Share them with us by visiting our Facebook page at http://on.fb.me/y9wfyR.