13 Jun

5 Signs He Wants to Have Sex

Signs He Wants You OK, ladies. Most of the time, you don’t exactly need a forensics kit to know when your man wants lovin’.  One could joke that if they’re breathing, they’re in the mood. But besides the most obvious way, believe it or not, there are other, more subtle, ways to tell too. Next...
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1 May

5 Things to Do with a Naked Man

How To Turn Him On Let me ask you a quick question. How do you turn on your man? Do you wear sexy lingerie or give him a sensuous massage? Maybe it is time to change your tactics and really surprise him. Below is a list of 5 new and exciting things you can do...
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19 Mar

4 Tips to Increase Endurance

How to Increase Stamina It is ok to admit that endurance can sometimes be a problem when you are between the sheets. There are multiple factors that can be affecting your sexual stamina and decreased sexual drive, but don’t worry — I have the cure for you. Want to last longer in bed? Follow these...
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31 Jan

3 Ideas On How To Turn On Your Valentine’s Day

Exotic Valentine Hotel Planning on having a wild sexual encounter this Valentine’s day? It doesn’t matter if the experience you are looking for is soft and gentle or rough and adventurous — what matters is that you make it a memorable night for your partner.  Do something different this year, something more enticing. Read on...
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6 Dec

Does Size Really Matter?

Bedroom Tips for Men Yep. We went there. It’s a question that women talk about either aloud or in private, and it’s something that men wonder about – whether or not they’ll admit it. Men’s ‘members’ come in all shapes and sizes, as is the case for women and their lady parts. So which ones...
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23 Nov

Friends With Benefits?

Friends With Benefits People talk about this one all the time. Heck, there’s even a movie devoted to the topic, starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. If you’re not ‘in the know,’ friends with benefits may not be a new trend, per se, but it could be the first time it’s had a label attached...
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15 Nov

3 Tips for a Romantic Night – Tonight!

Romantic Date Night If you’re in a romantic drought, we doubt it’s because you don’t want to be romantic. More than likely, it’s because you don’t have the time or energy to plan something out. Well guess what? We’re Executive Fantasy Hotels, and if anyone understands that, it’s us. So we’ve decided to do all...
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