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Extravagant, private romantic candlelit champagne glasses with a jacuzzi in the background. Love, celebration, relax, romance, luxurious vacation, wellness spa concept.
22 Mar

Three Things To Do in Three Hours At Executive Fantasy Hotels

If you’re like us, you feel as if there aren’t enough hours in the day. With work taking up over eight hours of your day, coming home to nurture your kids and cook dinner and find time for yourself, your partner can easily be neglected. Luckily, there are handfuls of hourly motels in Miami, but only one Executive Fantasy Hotels. Our hourly rates allow you to get closer with your partner and get back to your daily life.

Extravagant, private romantic candlelit champagne glasses with a jacuzzi in the background. Love, celebration, relax, romance, luxurious vacation, wellness spa concept.

About Executive Fantasy Hotels:

Executive Fantasy Hotels allows guests to live out their fantasies and with passion. For more than three decades, we’ve implemented passion, privacy, cleanliness, comfort, and sophistication into our mission statement allowing satisfaction from our guests. As one of the hourly motels in Miami, we pride in offering well-appointed accommodations and a variety of seductive amenities to escape from your everyday troubles. Here are three things you can do in three hours at Executive Fantasy Hotels.

Hot tub:

Imagine what you can do in a hot tub at Executive Fantasy Hotels. Most will enjoy the warm temperatures, jets, and bubbles, but there’s so much more you can do inside of our hot tubs. Our heart-shaped hot tubs allow you to get closer to your partner. Here, you’re able to do the unimaginable and experiment with your fantasies. The jets add extra pleasure to your romance by apply pressure to the right spot at the right time. Your relationship will be taken to a new level once you’ve tried a  hot tub in hourly motels in Miami.

Love chair:

Our rooms feature the most sophisticated decor regardless of what room package you choose. Inside, you will notice a love chair that fits perfectly into your desired fantasy. Our signature love chairs allow you to enter a realm of romance. Their design allows you and your partner to take turns being dominant. The leather design allows the chair to caress your body as your partner caresses you. The chair is perfect for lovemaking or cuddling; we will let you decide. With our hourly rates, you can surely enjoy the chair, in whatever way your heart desires with your partner.

Dance pole:

Pole dancing has an interesting stigma, but for your partner, you’re willing to let loose and live your best life on the pole. Many of our rooms feature a dance pole that can be the perfect foreplay for the big moment with you and your partner. Our poles are sturdy for the most complicated of moves for professionals or can cater to those who want to give it a little whirl. While dancing is ideal, the pole can be used for many other things if you have an imagination. Create a good workout for yourself and your partner by using one of the many hourly motels in Miami.

In all, you deserve some time with your partner. Don’t let the excuse of there aren’t enough hours in the day be the reason you aren’t in tune with your partner. Make the time away from your busy work schedule, the kids and your responsibilities to nurture your needs and desires with your partner.

At Executive Fantasy Hotels, you can enjoy yourself in our heart-shaped hot tubs, stretch out on our love chairs, or have a quick work out on our dance poles. The possibilities are endless, and your imagination is needed. We hope to see you at Executive Fantasy Hotels.

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