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Last Minute Gifts
22 Dec

Need a Last Minute Gift Idea for Your Spouse? Here Are Some Ideas!

Last Minute Gifts

The holiday season can quickly become hectic, and you may not have time to finish all of your gift shopping. Rather than disappoint your spouse and leave them empty-handed this year, we want to help you pick out amazing Last Minute Gifts. At Executive Fantasy Hotels, we want to help you surprise your special someone with an exciting gift this holiday season. Life can get busy, and you don’t have time to do everything you want, but fortunately, we can help with that!

Here are some great Last Minute Gifts ideas that your spouse will appreciate.

Last Minute Christmas Presents

  • A spa day: Life can easily become stressful, so what better gift than rest? A spa day is a perfect way to bond with your spouse and feel comfort. There are many packages you can choose from which will make the experience that much more enjoyable.
  • Plants and flowers: Although it may seem cliche, a bouquet of flowers and decorative plants never goes unappreciated. Plants such as succulents are easy to maintain and are a good decorative piece for any room they are in. If you are running out of time to pick up a gift, this is a great option.
  • Photos: Using your favorite memories makes a great gift for any spouse. Customizing a mug, shirt, calendar, or a poster with photos from your favorite moments. This idea does not require much time or planning but makes for a thoughtful gift.
  • Coffee maker: An essential part of many people’s morning is a cup of coffee. A high-quality coffee maker can save time and money from having to go out and buy a cup everytime you want some. There are many brands, and types of makers to choose from that will make a great gift for any spouse.


At Executive Fantasy Hotels, we want to help you find the best Last Minute Gifts for your spouse. If life has been busy and you have been unable to make time to shop this holiday season, don’t panic yet. These are some easy and quick gift ideas that will show your appreciation for your friends and family. If you have been looking for a getaway in Miami, look no further than one of our themed rooms in our locations across the city.

Last Minute Gifts for Her

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