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25 Jan

Ways to Spend National Spouses Day

Date Ideas for Married Couples

Many relationships will start hot and heavy, with partners spending an inordinate amount of time together. However, as time goes on and a boyfriend or girlfriend becomes a husband or wife, their original good intentions may get put off to the side.

Our modern lives remain very busy. Married couples may soon discover that their kids grew up and moved away. Unfortunately, this may also mean that they grew apart over time.

January 26 is National Spouses Day. Use this time to take a break from the kids and stir up some excitement with your loved one. Below are some spouse date ideas that the team from Executive Fantasy Hotels wants to share. We hope that this information can help you celebrate your love with your spouse during this year’s National Spouses Day.

Take a Bath Together

Take the time to go all out with a nice bottle of wine rose petals, or throw in a nice bath bomb with some scented candles and some seductive music. Regardless of what you choose, taking a bath together is one of the best spouse date ideas to show your partner that the fires still burn hot in your relationship.

Prepare a Sensual Picnic Outing

Food remains one of the most sensual activities in relationships that experience a healthy sex life. National Spouses Day is a great time to pique your partner’s interest with a seductive picnic date full of sensual foodstuffs.

Perform a Striptease for Your Partner

Although not a specific planned date per se, you can offer your loved one something they will never forget by performing a personalized striptease just for them. Pick the sexiest outfit in your drawer and heighten their interest with a sexually-charged striptease.

Create Your Own VIP Section

Worried about finding a sitter for National Spouses Day? That’s okay, who really needs to go to the bar to dance anyway? You load up your mp3 player with some sexy tunes. This means everything from traditional R&B to smooth jazz. Not every one of our spouse date ideas requires leaving home. Wait until the kids drift off to sleep and kick on the jams for an intimate night with your lover.

Spend Some Time Together with a Loving Staycation

Although this tip runs contrary to the last entry on our spouse date ideas, you don’t need to seduce your loved one at home. It can even add to the mystique of National Spouses day if you plan a stimulating overnight that you can enjoy elsewhere.

This might represent a spa day with your loved one, or even staying somewhere for the night. This is precisely where our team from Executive Fantasy Hotels can help. Delve into your romance in comfortable seclusion with your spouse in one of our elegant and inviting locations. We even encourage you to act out a variety of your more daring spouse date ideas and celebrate National Spouses Day right.

Indulge in Your Spouse this Year for National Spouses Day with Executive Fantasy Hotels

Regardless if you use one of our spouse date ideas, or come up with a provoking idea of your own, we can’t think of a better place to relish with your wife or husband. For more information on our hotels, or to book a location for National Spouses Day, contact Executive Fantasy Hotels today!

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