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New Year's resolution ideas
4 Jan

10 New Year’s Resolutions Couples Should Make Together

Make Sure You and Your Spouse Keep These New Year’s Resolutions in 2019!

Christmas has already passed, and we can now turn our attention towards the New Year. 2019 represents a clean slate for many individuals, and it’s important to think about this as a period of transition.

So many people take the time to outline their resolutions for the New Year. Unfortunately, a good number of these individuals fail on most of them immediately. However, your friends from Executive Fantasy Hotels want to offer up some of our best New Year’s Resolution Ideas that we think couples should make together for 2019.

When you and a loved one choose commitment towards a resolution together, this adds a level of accountability. Partners can motivate one another, inspiring each other to keep going. Ultimately, this creates a stronger bond that enables a relationship to experience continued growth.

Put Down Your Mobile

Although this sounds very simple, for several people, this one is the hardest of these New Year’s Resolution Ideas to keep. Cell phones and other mobile devices can distract you from your partner. Make a resolution to set aside some time where both partners put their phones away and remain present with one another every day.

Do Some Volunteer Work

Despite a greater emphasis on giving back during the holidays, disadvantaged individuals, as well as our furry friends still need our help all year long. Resolve with a loved one to serve the community as a team that gives back through monthly volunteer work. This could help you improve the lives of others while focusing on empathy in the relationship as well.

Don’t Forget About the Bedroom

It’s natural that the hot and heavy attributes that most relationships experience in the beginning cool off over time. 2019 should mark a change as you and a loved one make “sexy time” a priority.

All of Life is an Experiment

As you remember the bedroom in your New Year’s Resolution Ideas, make another to shake things up while you’re in there. Try out a new position or two, or even five or six. This can help you and your partner remember how much fun bedroom activities can be.

Remain Emotionally Honest

Emotional honesty may prove very challenging. This often involves “putting yourself out there” or talking about truths your partner may not want to hear. However, emotional reservations ultimately build a wall between partners. Make a resolution to break down barriers, not build them.

“Please and Thank You”

Everyone wants to feel appreciated in life. After all, if you stay in a relationship with someone who doesn’t appreciate you, what’s the point?

“P.S. I Love You”

Make sure you say this every single day and say it like you mean it.

Adventure is Out There!

Your partner in love should also represent your partner in life, crime, and everything in between. This year, get out there and take advantage of the awesome person by your side and plan a monthly adventure together. This could represent something as small as trying new cuisine, or something larger like going on a trip or learning a new skill! You could even plan for a romantic getaway at a new hotel like ours from Executive Fantasy Hotels.

Magnify Strengths, Mitigate Weaknesses

Nothing erodes a relationship more effectively than constant criticism. In 2019, promise to stop picking at one another as a part of your New Year’s Resolution Ideas. Instead, lift up your partner with compliments and kindness.

Whatever Will Be, Will Be

2019 is the best time to start fresh. Stop letting past resentment linger. If you must, talk to your partner about counseling so you can resolve the issue. The important part is to the leave the past where it belongs, and focus on loving your loved one.

New Year’s Resolution Ideas from Executive Fantasy Hotels

New Year’s Resolution Ideas often get a bad rap due to fruitless outcomes for many. However, making a resolution with your partner may help you stick to these promises while strengthening the relationship. By utilizing our tips, you can step into 2019 right and ensure that you keep your relationship strong as time goes on.

For more information on how we can help you make 2019 truly memorable with our New Year’s Resolution Ideas, contact Executive Fantasy Hotels today!