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30 Apr

3 Top ‘Love Positions’ this Spring

Love Making Positions

There’s nothing like springing into a new season by refreshing your sex life! At least that’s what we think. At Executive Fantasy Hotels, we’re in the business of adding some excitement and adventure to the drab and boring parts of between-the-sheets activities. And as a special gift to you, we’ve compiled this blog to give you three new ways to add to your “sextivities” this spring. Let’s check them out!

Best Positions for Him and Her

The Dancer. Call us old fashioned, but we think there’s nothing sexier than face-to-face sexual positions. They’re personal, passionate and – ohh, don’t even get us started. The Dancer takes you out of the standard missionary position and takes it to a standing-up position, with the man lowering himself slightly while raising one of his lady’s legs and wrapping it around himself. Talk about close. And if you want to be closer? The one leg she has wrapped around you can pull you in closer. Yum.

Seated Face to Face. Slow, intimate and steamy. Is it getting warm in here? It’s simple. He sits down, legs forward. Then, you sit on top of him, feet down on the bed – or floor. You’re as close as you’ll ever be, literally wrapped inside of each other. The pace is up to you, but we recommend slow; painfully, beautifully slow. Pull each other in close and ride all the way to the finish line.

The Arm Chair. Ready for some serious adventure? This one should do the trick. The guy gets seated comfortably on his butt, planting his hands firmly on the bed at his sides to steady himself. The girl takes a seat on top of him with her legs up over his shoulders and her own arms positioned behind her, on the outside of his legs, in order to steady herself. It’ll take some patience – and balance – to find the right spot, but once you do, watch out. It’s a sensation from an all new angle that you’ll be begging to try again and again.

Best Love Positions

Got any positions that you’d like to try? Share them with us – hey, we’re open minded. And if you’re looking to really try something fun and new, consider a steamy staycation at any of the Executive Fantasy Hotels locations near you. We’d love to have you!