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16 May

3 Ways to Get Into Role Playing

Role Playing Tips

It’s time for another Fantasy Diary! We’ve talked about things men and women wish they knew about each other, ways to spice up foreplay, and even ways to stroke a man’s ego. This week, we decided to dive into something we know quite well, by nature of our numerous themed rooms: Role playing.  Read on and open up your mind. It may lead to some unforgettable nights.


  • Start planning. Role playing fantasies don’t happen on accident, and they go beyond just suggestive flirtations and dirty talk. Who do you want to be? Who does he want to be? Have you picked an outfit and some accessories? It might seem silly at first, but before long, you’ll find yourself getting lost in the excitement of imagination.
  • Go beyond the costume and role. What else would be different? Changing outfits and roles isn’t the end of it. Have some fun imagining how your alter egos would be different from the regular versions of the two of you. Are your role playing identities more submissive or dominant? Shy or confident? Defining the characters also helps to set boundaries.
  • You’ve got the basics out of the way. The only question left to ask is where? We have just the place – or places, if you will. Sure, you could transform your bedroom or living room into a fantasy domain, but it’s hard to completely break away from your routine if you’re where you always are. Take a night in our Candle Room, Jungle Room, Executive Suite or Pole Room. There are others, too, and you can act out anything you can imagine. What’s in your mind?

Got some tips of your own? Share them with us! And check back next week for more from ‘The Fantasy Diaries.’ Be sure to visit www.executivefantasyhotels.com and see how to take your fantasy game to the next level…