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12 Apr

3 Ways to Make Intimacy More Romantic

Have the Most Romantic Sex of Your Life with These Physical Intimacy Tips!

The most passion sex involves a night of slow, crazy, passionate lovemaking with your partner. While there’s no doubt that fast, ripping your close off intimacy can certainly add excitement to a relationship, slow, sweet and sensual nights can impart the most impact.

This type of sexperience capitalizes on the power in bonding hormones. As a result, you and your partner can feel better entwined physically, AND emotionally.

Couples with sexual satisfaction remain more in-tune with one another emotionally. This extends beyond the bedroom into their daily lives together. For this reason, you can make the connection that romantic, intimate sex serves as one of the keys to long-term happiness in and outside of the bedroom.

Our team from Executive Fantasy Hotels has some physical intimacy tips that you should try to max out on the lovey-dovey emotions for more romantic lovemaking! Below are our three ways to help you make your sex life more romantic in your relationship.

Whispering Sweet Nothings

A substantial obstacle that many couples face with sex is actually talking about sex. Love making can represent a sensitive topic for many partners. Many couples even go as far to abstain from discussing the topic entirely instead of addressing what they like, what they want, and what they want to do under the sheets.

Speaking up as the heat starts to build up sexually can boost positive chemicals in the brain like serotonin and dopamine in the mind. To stimulate this production, murmuring sweet nothings into boo’s ear can prompt autonomous bodily response that can make them feel like an arousing tingle down the neck. Always remember to use the word “you” to let them know you remain zoned in on them.

Become a Sexual Cartographer

Hot, “in the moment,” animalistic lovemaking certainly has its place. However, many times when we engage in this type of sex, it involves passionate grasping and even some clawing. This redefines the meaning of heavy petting. Although this is delightful, switching up the intensity of tough can create new sensations that can increase the romantic bond between partners.

Additionally, creating a lovemap on the body of a partner and roaming over some unexpected areas of their bodies signals enjoyment of every inch of them, not simply the act of sex. Our hands can act as our compass during sexual exploration. If it guides us to head somewhere it normally wouldn’t, follow these signs on the search of pleasure treasure.

Luxuriate in The Afterglow of Satisfaction

After intercourse, the brain will release a ton of pleasure chemicals for an after-party in our body. These chemicals make us feel relaxed, satiated, and “weak in the knees” so to speak. This yummy effect is more important than aggressive, bed-breaking sex.

Cuddling and closeness increase the chemical oxytocin. This chemical can help partners feel happier, as well as closer in their bond even more than sex itself. Regardless if this means a single, 15-minute session, or snuggling for an hour or so post-coitus, this can help partners feel more connected.

physical intimacy tipsPhysical Intimacy Tips from Executive Fantasy Hotels

Improving your sex life with these physical intimacy tips won’t just click overnight. Ensure that you make an intentional effort to keep talking about improving romanticism and sex in your relationship.

By committing to these physical intimacy tips from our team at Executive Fantasy Hotels, partners can express what they need while remaining in tune with each other’s needs. After all, sex is about love and loving partners communicate.

For more information on our physical intimacy tips, contact Executive Fantasy Hotels today!