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20 May

5 Must-Haves Before Making Love

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It’s been a long week, and you’re ready to unwind and undress. But before you hang the do-not-disturb sign, do make sure you have the essentials. These five items are guaranteed to turn date night into a two-day sex bender – don’t say we didn’t warn you.

A cocktail.
Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, so you’ll be especially ready to make use of the other items on this list. Don’t drink too much, though – liquid courage can be counterproductive if you over-imbibe.

Come prepared with toys, lubricants, sexy vids and other accessories. Don’t find yourself mid-romp wishing you’d have brought your handcuffs with you…

Treat your intimate nights the way you’d treat a special occasion – get something hot to wear. Stick to a theme or slip into lace lingerie, the choice is yours. And if there’s something you particularly want to see your partner in, ladies and gents, gifts are always welcome.

A mirror
You prepped and primped, so don’t miss the show. We’re big fans of mirrors in our hotel rooms, and there’s a reason why. Everyone has a favorite view, what’s yours?

A protection plan
Whatever your preferred method is, don’t skip the contraceptive. With that taken care of, your mind is free to relax and enjoy everything – and anything – coming your way.