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1 Jan

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Romantic Relationship

Relationship Resolutions for a Happy New Year!

There’s nothing quite as motivating as a new beginning, but resolutions are notoriously trite and short-lived. It’s not that we don’t think your newly-acquired gym membership will go to good use; we just know it won’t keep you warm at night. Instead, we challenge you to invest your efforts in relationship resolutions this year.

Here are five romantic resolutions that every couple should make for 2014.

1. No games

Plainly put, playing games totally goes against the point of being in a relationship. It’s brutal enough to tackle mind puzzles when you’re single, so don’t bring it home with you.

2. Love more

Easy enough, right? Up the romance factor with spicy date nights, adventurous weekend getaways and, of course, routine visits to Executive Fantasy Hotels.

3. Break habits or make habits – together

Make a resolution together, whether it’s to quit smoking or to work out every day. Doing something together will strengthen your bond and help both of you achieve your goals. A couple that resolves together, stays together.

4. Give the tech a rest

Make your alone time more intimate by banning phones and computers on date nights. Giving each other your undivided attention is way more fun than scrolling through Instagram, we promise.

5. Treat him/her like you would your friends

It’s easy to explode at your partner when you’re stressed out or frustrated. This year, don’t take your woes out on the person you love. Respect your relationship; when in doubt, ask yourself if you would treat your friends the way you are treating him or her.

Resolutions aren’t for the faint of heart, but if you stick to them you’ll reap the benefits all year long. Cheers to more love and romance in 2014!