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1 May

5 Things to Do with a Naked Man

How To Turn Him On

Let me ask you a quick question. How do you turn on your man? Do you wear sexy lingerie or give him a sensuous massage? Maybe it is time to change your tactics and really surprise him. Below is a list of 5 new and exciting things you can do to tease and totally please him (though, guys, yourladies will love these too)!

  1. Sneak up behind him: Blow his mind with this sexy maneuver. Stand behind him and start stroking his body, then whisper naughty things into his ear and gently kiss his back.
  2. Get naked too: Many times we are quick to take off our clothes, and you don’t really let him look at you for very long. Take this chance to undress slowly and let him watch you as each piece of clothing drops to the floor.
  3. Blindfold him: Play a little game with him. Place a blindfold over his eyes, and drive him crazy by kissing, licking and stroking him in different places. Surprise him with which part you will touch next!
  4. Take a sensual shower: Get in the shower and create your own steam. Stand really close to each other while you both feel the water pouring over your heads. This is the perfect position for some intimate kissing. Turn up the heat!
  5. Boss him around: Tonight, it is your turn to make the rules. Tell him where, when and how you want it. He will love having you in control.

Themed Hotel Rooms

Want to do something really different with your man? He isn’t allowed to come naked, but you can come visit us at EXXXOTICA in Miami Beach on May 18-20th. We will have one of our themed rooms set up at booth #605. We will also be at booth #707 where you can ride the mechanical penis (kinda like a mechanical bull, but well, ya know!). Are you planning on attending? Share with us on our Facebook page what you are most excited for!