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21 Dec

Tis The Season to Be Sexy – Try These Romantic Games

Christmas is only a few days away, and while we’re sure you spent your time wisely gathering Christmas gifts, we hope you’ve made time to spend with your significant other. Material things are special, but spending time with the one you love is even more special. Of course, you can plan a simple night out with dinner, drinks, and dancing but where is the fun in that? This holiday season, spice things up at an Adult Only Hotel.

At Executive Fantasy Hotels, we pride in providing excellent customer service and experience to our guests. Our guests can choose from simple to themed rooms to enjoy the hotel with their significant other. Rooms are even only allowed to be booked in person as it adds to the experience of trying an Adult Only Hotel. Here are some fun things and games you can bring with you this holiday season to Executive Fantasy Hotels:


Adult Dice Game


As kids, we’ve all played several games with dice. As adults, it’s common to spice things up a bit, especially with our significant others. An Adult Dice game can be purchased and brought to our Adult Only Hotel. This love game can be played with your partner or with a team of couples. Each person will take turns rolling a set of four dices that have pictured saying on them to act out. Each person is then promoted to act out the depiction spicing up the bedroom quickly.


Edible Body Paint


Body paint is always a fun additive to a party. It’s bright and colorful, and we can admit that it is tough to get off skin. Edible body paint isn’t. With edible body paint, you can trust your partner to make sure you are squeaky clean and free of any residue. At an Adult Only Hotel, you can spend the night painting exotic art on each other making the night unforgettable. Write out your name on his back while he writes a poem on yours before you both savor your masterpieces.


Romantic Ring for Service Bell


In the 60s, it was common to have maids who provide service in the household for whatever household chores you may need. Wouldn’t it be great to have the same, but have the service provided by your significant other?  With a romantic ring for service bell, you can turn your significant other into the hired help at our Adult Only Hotel. Ring the bell for anything you’d like your loved one to do and see what happens


Massage Candle


Aromatherapy is a great way to not only set the atmosphere with your partner at our Adult Only Hotel, it also sets the mood for a great time. You’re welcome to bring romantic scented candles to Executive Fantasy Hotels to set the scene. A massage candle will melt into smooth massage oil that is infused with pheromones to get things going in the bedroom. Once the room is lit and the candle begins to burn, you can massage your partner kicking off your holiday stay at Executive Fantasy Hotel.


The holiday season is perfect to enjoy or Adult Only Hotel. If you want to show your appreciation, spend your holidays at Executive Fantasy Hotels.