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14 Dec

Naughty Or Nice? Try These Bedroom Tips

Tell the truth: Where you naughty or nice this year? At Executive Fantasy Hotels you can have it either way. With Christmas right around the corner, it’s only right to celebrate with your significant other. Of course, getting things on their Christmas list is ideal, but what about showing them a little love and affection? While material things are always great and needed, there is nothing better than quality time with your loved one in a Private Hotel in Miami.


Here are three ways you can spice up the bedroom with your partner this holiday:

Unwrap Presents With Your Lover

What is Christmas without presents? After unwrapping your material presents with your family, head over to a Private Hotel in Miami to unwrap gifts with your partner. For ladies, wear that fitted dress he loves so much paired with your favorite heels. When you arrive at Executive Fantasy Hotels, allow him to take off pieces one by one to eventually get to the present. Be sure to wear something fancy underneath.


Men should wear their lady’s favorite scent. This will boost her sex drive making her want to unwrap your package. Keeping it suave during the holidays never hurt. Dress up for your love with a nice fitted tux and let her find her present.

The real treat

Christmas time is one of the best times to indulge in holiday snacks. Candy Canes, gingerbread houses and cookies, peppermint bark and hot chocolate, are ideal, but wouldn’t your partner make a better snack? Prepare your holiday treats before heading over to a Private Hotel in Miami. Tie a bandana across your partner’s eyes and slowly feed them your prepared treats and make them guess what they just tasted. You can take it a step further by allowing them to take the treats from your mouth or various parts of your body. By now, your partner should be at the real treat you have to offer which can lead to naughty practices, which is probably how you ended up on the naughty list.


Steamy Holiday Cheer

Taking a shower with your significant other may be nothing new on your intimate ritual, but spicing things up with a little holiday cheer is the best way to celebrate the holidays. Instead of using your usual body wash, switch things up with a peppermint wash. This will provide an extra tingling sensation on you and your partner’s skin to heat up the moment. If you have a detachable shower head in your Private Hotel in Miami, don’t be afraid to use it. The extra sensation will ultimately lead the best holiday surprise ever.

The holiday season is the perfect time to show your boyfriend or girlfriend how much you love them. Along with presents and holiday trips, spending the night at a Private Hotel in Miami is the perfect way to spread holiday cheer to your partner. A steamy holiday shower, sweet treats and unwrapping your partner are all ways to get into the holiday spirit. Spend the holidays with your significant other at Executive Fantasy Hotels