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22 Nov

Celebrate National Espresso Day by Visiting These Top 5 Coffee Spots in Miami

Best Coffee in Miami

There is a reason why so many romantic novels and movies bring their love interests together inside a coffee shop. It is a great way to get to know a new person or reconnect with your longtime spouse. If you are a coffee lover yourself and are eager to discover all the Best Coffee in Miami that the city has to offer, our team at Executive Fantasy Hotels can help!

Gourmet Coffee Miami

Below are some of our favorite coffee spots in South Florida:

  • Panther Coffee: This fantastic spot is gaining popularity on a regular basis. They are masters of the local craft coffee movement and are reintroducing concepts such as pour overs, French presses, Japanese style slow drips, and cupping sessions. Coffee lovers all over town who are yearning for a new brew experience keep this location constantly filled with eager customers.
  • La Carreta: For your daily fix of Cuban coffee, which is a staple in the Miami area, you can never go wrong with a visit to La Carreta. Their coladas and cortaditos are sought after by many locals, making it a constant hot spot. No matter which location you happen to visit, you can always depend on the colada to be hot, sweet, and good, like it’s supposed to be.
  • Pasión del Cielo: With locations expanding across South Florida, soon you will have this fantastic company right around the corner regardless of where you are located. With six locations and counting, this coffee shop offers five different single-origin beans from places all around the world such as Hawaii, Colombia, Brazil, Jamaica, and Kenya to name a few. Their empanadas are also a huge perk of making this place your go-to date spot.
  • Mister Block: If you are searching for a coffee shop that is more on the indie side, Mister Block is a great option. Located inside Wynwood Block, it has become a major competitor for Panther coffee. While its coffee products, Mast Brothers chocolate, large homemade sandwiches, and salads are all very attractive selling points, many regulars have made this location their home simply for the scenery. Its decked-out terrace is a great setting for an afternoon cup and your favorite novel.

Best Local Coffee Shop

Make the most of what South Florida has to over and take your significant other along on an outing for some of the Best Coffee in Miami. If you’re searching for something to make your extra weekend special, book a stay at one of our themed hotel rooms! Contact Executive Fantasy Hotels at (888) 871-3932 or click here to view our locations.