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26 Jan

Creative Ways to Romanticize Your Man

Romantic Ideas for Him

Get closer to your guy and give him everything he wants – without having to ask him. These easy, creative and Romantic Ideas for Him will make even the toughest guy blush.

Dress for him. Whether for a night out or a little bedroom staycation, slip into something you know he loves. Get casual if he’s into seeing you in jeans and a tee, or get dolled up in a curve-hugging dress for date night if he’s into that. Don’t forget to pick up something sexy for later.

Get him something he’ll love. Score tickets to see his favorite band, or grab a couple of seats for the next basketball game. He’ll love that you’re into doing something that he likes, and it’s a guaranteed good time.

Physical contact is everything. When you’re at home, snuggle up on the couch together. When you’re out, a little light PDA will show off your chemistry and make him feel special.

Give him your attention. Vow to keep your phone in your bag through dinner and drinks tonight. He’ll appreciate the one-on-one time, plus you’ll get to connect on a deeper level.

Frame a photo of you two. Pick a photo you know he loves, then print and frame it. Leave it somewhere for him to find.

Take him out – on you. Chances are, even if you plan the date, he’ll still expect to be the one to pay. Surprise him by picking up the tab at the end of the night, just because you enjoyed his company.