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4 Aug

Dreams are made at the Tropic Garden Hotel

Have you ever stopped to think if you’re spending enough time with your partner? Whatever your answer may be, we’re here to bring you some tips to help you spend quality time with your partner, as well as the right place to do so – the Tropic Garden Hotel. A perfect escape for any occasion, this hotel is equipped with everything you need to enjoy some alone time with your lover.

In any relationship, it’s important to keep time for your partner amidst the routine of daily responsibilities.. Choosing spaces to share, or create intimate moments beyond your daily lives will help you grow as a couple. Do not forget to escape once in a while!

Choosing places where you can share in intimacy is necessary to grow in a relationship. Truth be told, we believe ‘intimate escape’ is something that doctors should be allowed to prescribe!

Lucky for you, the Tropic Garden Hotel has three captivating options for you to escape with your partner!

Let’s begin with the Love Suite, which comes furnished with a huge, comfy bed for you and your partner to relax, reconnect, and release all stresses. Use the refreshing fantasy shower for a quick cleanse!

Next, the Fantasy Suite is the perfect room to explore all your deepest desires and show who you are– no need for sugar-coating. Try the pole for a dance or jump in the jacuzzi for a bubbly time with some champagne on the side.

For the grand finale, the two-level Executive Suite is just what you need to bring your deepest dreams to life. Have a pre-game on the first floor to prepare for what’s next. Then experience every emotion through the bubbling, heated waters of the second-floor jacuzzi.

A place to fulfill all fantasies does exist. All you need to do is venture out and visit the Tropic Garden Hotel.

We will leave you with some brief tips on how to make the time you have into quality moments –

  1. Forget about work when you’re home – , don’t linger on the topic of work more more than you have to. Leave your stresses at the door.
  2. Respect the reunion – you may arrive home tired with a thousand more tasks to do. However, stop for a good hour and share time talking over a drink and snacks. The rest can wait.
  3. Have fun – schedule at least one date a week, whether that be a dinner or an adventurous night out. Movies, restaurants, a walk in a park, or visit the place you first met! Recreate a romantic atmosphere and share memories.