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31 Oct

Halloween Fun in the Bedroom

Halloween For Couples

Whoever said Halloween is for kids is totally wrong. And whoever said October 31st is the only day dressing up is appropriate is officially excommunicated.

Keep it creative in the bedroom with a little costume party every now and then. Not only does it inject a dose of naughty into your night, but also livens up even the most seasoned sessions.

1. Schoolgirl

There’s a reason why this costume is a classic: the innocent schoolgirl is the forbidden fruit. And everyone wants what they can’t have.

2. A fictional character

Whether your guy is into Star Wars or superheroes, pick the female counterpart and don similar duds. Less is more, of course.

3. Nurse

Remember playing doctor as a kid? It’s like that, but way sexier. Candy striper works too.

4. Any public authority figure

Police woman, firefighter, army lieutenant -being the authority means you make the rules. Plus, it opens up the floor for handcuffs, bodies of water and camouflage clothes. Oh wait, that’s skin.

5. Maid

Your duties as the maid are opposite from your housekeeper’s. Forget cleaning up – it’s time to get dirty.

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