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15 Feb

Hot Scents and Hot Sex: How Aromatherapy Can Enhance Your Sex Life

Our Senses and Our Sex Life – Aromatherapy for Sensuality

February is the season of love, and many of us will be focusing on our partners as we celebrate our partners. Aromatherapy for sensuality is an excellent way to kick start the libido. Our sense of smell stimulates nerve endings in our nose. This, in turn, stimulates a part of our brain called the limbic system that triggers libido.

Properly setting the mood for romance involves engaging all of the senses. This is where aromatherapy for sensuality can come in handy. Aromatherapy’s specific properties can even affect your emotions, as well as your frame of mind.

When you want to strike a specifically sexy chord, bring some of our recommended tips regarding aromatherapy for sensuality into the bedroom. Executive Fantasy Hotels wants to explore the link between sexual arousal and aromatherapy.

Diffusing the Situation with your Partner

Our very first tip to instantly set the mood is utilizing an essential oil diffuser in the bedroom. Simply pushing a button can fill the room with an alluring scent. Like we said before, the more senses you can engage, the better.

Utilizing aromatherapy for sensuality with an essential oil diffuser can stimulate a feeling of immersion and specialty in a sexy night. As a bonus tip, ensure that you turn off the diffuser after about an hour to stop scents from overpowering the room.

Scents like patchouli, vetiver, as well as sandalwood can impart a sensual connotation. If you remain inexperienced in aromatherapy for sensuality, this is a great place to start. You could additionally utilize certain scents or smell that connect to your relationship in some way for a special, individualized touch.

Scents may represent powerful memory triggers. Seek these out while shopping for the best essential oils for a pleasurable night.

Hop on in For a Dip in the Tub

Adorning a romantic bath with scented candles or aromatic essential oils can cultivate a certain carnal effect. Additionally, a dash of rose oils or sprinkling in some rose petals will offer far more than a romantic aesthetic. These can heighten feelings of emotional attachment and devotion. Add in some rosemary as well to stimulate feelings of closeness and love.

This is precisely where aromatherapy for sensuality may remind you and your partner of past trips or romantic occasions. Taking this evocative approach with a soak in the tube is an ideal substitute for traditional foreplay. Despite simply adding a few drops into your bathwater, it can impart some significant effects.

Aromatherapy for Sensuality Tips with Executive Fantasy Hotels

Our sense of smell possesses the power to recall memories, as well as transform the way we feel. For this reason, it remains essential to utilize the right scents for the right memories. You don’t want to use oil or candles that bring back negatively associated memories to you or your parent.

Nevertheless, aromatherapy for sensuality can help you truly cultivate and enjoy a memorable moment with your partner during the month of love. The end goal is calming your body and mind, focusing on the one you love.

Taking the time to indulge the senses and think about total bodily pleasure will help you and your partner explore other androgynous zones of stimulation apart from the typical pleasure zones. Utilize aromatherapy for sensuality to experiment with a variety of types of touch from soft, warm embraces potentially evolving into something more rough and vigorous.

For more information on these aromatherapy for sensuality tips from Executive Fantasy Hotels, contact our team today!