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3 Jul

How to Bring Back the Fire in your Relationship

Spice Up The Bedroom

It was easy in the beginning, wasn’t it? No matter what happened during the work day, or how tired one of you may have been, there was always time for some sexual excitement and activity at the end of the day. But now? It’s not that you don’t want to; it’s just not coming to you as easily as it did before. Have no fear. We’ve got three tips that will start a fire in your bedroom tonight (go ahead and grab the fire extinguisher!)

Light Up the Bedroom

One. Stop nitpicking and nagging. Both of you. If we stopped to think about the things that we gave our partners grief for on a day-to-day basis, we’d probably find that a good chunk of it was misplaced frustration or just flat-out unnecessary. Set a goal of three days, or maybe start at one. And, in that time frame, commit to speaking to that person just like you did in the beginning. Ask them questions about their day and what’s on their mind. You’ll be amazed by the shift toward positive energy.

Two. Remember how you got here. You didn’t end up with this person on accident. You chose them. And felt something powerful for them and at a point in time, it was an almost magnetic force. Well, what was it? What did it feel like? What was happening that made it fun and exciting? Piece by piece, try to duplicate certain elements of that beginning excitement. You might be surprised by how easy it becomes to see this person in a different light, just like you used to.

Three. Do it. Yes, ‘it.’ If you stop having sex, then you’re basically just roommates. And who needs that? Not you. Although, schedules get hard, obligations increase and sex just doesn’t happen as easily as it used to. Get over it. So, if that means scheduling a weekly ‘Tuesday Night Touch’ or ‘Saturday Morning Session,’ go for it. The assumption that scheduled sex is boring and forced quickly goes out the window once you’re there and going at it. Sex is made for relationships, and if you’re not having it, then what do you have?

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