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Smart Dating Tips
1 Nov

How to Deal with Text Messaging and Dating

Smart Dating Tips

Our Smart Dating Tips can keep you ahead of the game. Today’s digital culture infects every part of our lives, and it knows no boundaries. It’s true, something as trivial as texting can interfere with our romantic relationships. So when it comes to dating, proper text etiquette can save your flame from extinguishing at the touch of the “send” button. Here are our text messaging do’s and don’ts.

Don’t make plans via text. Always call to make a date. Phone calls are always a nice gesture, plus coordinating over the phone is way easier than over text.

Do use text to follow up. Don’t be shy, it’s okay to send a text telling your date you had a great time tonight.

Don’t drink and text. This is a surefire way to end up with a handful of embarrassing messages and a whole lot of regret. Did we mention embarrassing?

Do talk about your feelings in person instead. A phone call won’t save you here either; face-to-face is best.

Don’t fight over text. There’s nothing less attractive, not to mention mature, than a thread of back-and-forth arguments.

Do suggest you talk it out later. If you find yourself in the midst of an argument over SMS, make plans to talk it out in person.

Don’t break up over text. We don’t think you would, but just in case…

Do make it a rule to keep the drama out of your inbox. Get into the habit of have serious conversations, whether they are good or bad, in person.

Stay classy!