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1 Jun

How to Get Him to Commit

How to Make Him Commit

Trying to lock your man down? Getting him to commit, whether it’s monogamy or marriage, might take some strategy. You have every right to ask for commitment, so long as you’re willing to walk away empty handed. Ready? Here’s what to do.

Let’s get the most straight-forward strategy down first: let him know you’re ready. Have ‘the talk,’ and be honest about your feelings. No need to go overboard and scare him – simply letting him know you want to pursue the relationship will do.

Gauge his interest from that conversation. Based on his response, you can paint a picture for him: show him what it would be like if he committed, and what it would be like if he didn’t.

Keeping the relationship fun is key. Cook together, voluntarily pick up a couple things from the grocery store and be flexible when you’re picking the movie. Show him an exclusive relationship with you is still a good time.

You can also give him a taste of his own medicine. Make sure you maintain your power in the relationship; he should know you’re not relying on him for everything.  How would he feel if you took a girls’ trip, pre-exclusivity with him? How about if you had a hang session with your guy friends? Extracurricular activities are everything – this shows him you’ve got your own life, and gives him the space to realize he wants to be part of it.