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1 Aug

How Younger Men can still be Great Boyfriends

Dating Younger Men

Cougar, Mrs. Robinson, robbing the cradle – the terms for women who date younger men are less than endearing. If you like dating younger guys, or just find yourself enjoying time with someone 10 years your junior, you can have a great relationship without any of the stigma. Here’s how younger men can still be great boyfriends.

The most obvious pro: a younger guy can make you feel younger, too. His energy levels are up, and he’s a lot less jaded than you are. His happy demeanor is fresh and invigorating, and the best part is that it’s contagious. Allow his positivity to rub off on you.

A younger man will likely be more open-minded and less judgmental than the older set, so it’s easy to feel comfortable with being yourself. That, combined with an older woman’s over-it attitude to petty things, is pretty great. This will make you even more confident, making you that much more attractive to him.

He’s probably pretty hot. There’s no shame in this game – if he’s younger and you find him super attractive, you’re going to have a ton of sexual energy. This is perfect, since he’s pent up with the same levels of desire (and beyond). By the way, he thinks you’re hot, too.

He might rival your energy levels in the bedroom, but he’s got nothing on your life experience. It’s fun to feel like someone is looking up to you, so keep the advice coming. He loves it.

The best advice for making this situation work is basically that of any relationship: decide what you want and always communicate. If you don’t think he can keep up with you intellectually, then just keep it light and have fun. If you see a future, test his maturity by keeping open lines of communication about how you feel and where the relationship is headed.