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26 Sep

Keep Calm and Play the Game

Modern Dating

Let’s cut right to the chase: the dating world is brutal. It’s a whirlwind of insecurity and illusion that ends in either delight or despair (and, sadly, the latter is more popular).

But the dating destination—whether it’s total bliss or a slew of unanswered phone calls—is nothing compared to the journey. Yes, the game is the most grueling part of all. That’s why this aptly-titled article is giving you everything you need to know about keeping calm and playing the game—to win.

Prepare yourself mentally. Keeping your distance and remaining detached makes it easier to have a clear mind and play smarter. Pay attention to the other person’s game to make sure your strategy is appropriate.

Modesty is a winning approach. Think about your best qualities; are you a great cook? Do you look fantastic in a cocktail dress? Is your music collection seriously impressive? Slowly reveal something special about yourself each time you meet, essentially letting the person know how awesome you are in a most coy way.

Arouse his or her interest with a challenge. Nothing lights a spark between two people like friendly competition, so find something you’re both into and watch the chemistry build.

Spice things up with a surprise. Show interest in one of his or her hobbies that you normally wouldn’t partake in. This creates a bond and also catches the other person off guard, throwing them off their game a bit and making them wonder about you.

Keep calm. Finally, the key to playing the game is to keep calm. Staying level-headed throughout the game helps you keep the upper hand, and also makes it easier for you to read the other person.