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1 Jun

How to Love Again after a Tough Break Up

How to Love?

“The heart was made to be broken.” ―Oscar Wilde

Life after a break up can be brutal. And leaving you with the question, How to Love?  Mourning the end of a relationship is exhausting, and what’s left after that is usually a pile of pessimistic thoughts and a fear of loving again. It’s hard to see the bigger picture when you’re going through a split, but you’ll get through it. And you will love again.

But first, you need to heal. We know, the whole ‘to love someone you must first love yourself’ thing sounds like a mantra for lonely people who have secretly given up. But it’s actually very true. Separate yourself from the bad experience and trick your mind into seeing love in a happier light by giving it to yourself.

Now, it’s normal to approach your next relationship with trepidation. Afraid to be hurt again, you keep your distance and put your guard up. But luckily for us, every person, and therefore every relationship, is different.

Use your break up as a cautionary tale, not a roadblock. Did your break up teach you that jealousy is destructive? Can you identify the qualities in your or your partner that lead to the end? The best part of breaking up is that you really learn what you don’t want and what didn’t work. Use that knowledge.

Dust yourself off and don’t give up on love. Take it slow, and when you’re ready to feel, you will.