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9 Mar

Top 3 Sports Bars to Catch the Game During March Madness in Miami!

Miami Sports Bar

Every year, March Madness sweeps the nation by storm as one of the top crazes in the sporting industry, basketball to be specific. After carefully putting together your tournament bracket, finding a Miami Sports Bar where you can enjoy great food while watching the games is necessary to complete the mission at hand. At Executive Fantasy Hotels, we want to help you find the best watching experience for this March Madness!

Miami is famous for its food and choosing a place to go can be difficult, especially with all of the options there are to pick from. Whether you are a tourist or have lived in the city for years, there is always somewhere new to go. Our concierges are always keeping up with new openings and the best food reviewers to give our guests the best recommendations.

March Madness

If you are looking for a Miami Sports Bar to relax and watch the games at, here are some favorites our concierges will be happy to show you.

  • Sandbar Sports Grill: Located right on the water, this bar has 24 plasma screen TVs for your viewing pleasure. Known for their fish tacos and Southern Californian food, you can enjoy watching your favorite teams play while enjoying great food and beautiful weather.
  • Mike’s at Venetia: Family owned for over 30 years, Mike’s is the perfect place to watch the games with your family and friends. With over 20 HD TV’s throughout the area, you can sit anywhere and have a good view of the most significant games of the year. Located right in downtown, you can enjoy exploring and end your day with a visit to Mike’s that is a guaranteed great time.
  • Shuckers Waterfront Grill: Located on its own marina, you can dock your boat free of charge and enjoy yourself at the restaurant. As the name suggests, Shuckers offered freshly shucked oysters and a variety of seafood meals for everyone to enjoy. Rent a boat with the family and enjoy the open ocean before docking here to watch the basketball games!

Our concierges want to ensure that you have the best time possible while in Miami. Even if you have been living year for years, we are always keeping up with the newest restaurants, clubs, and venues so you can always have the newest and best recommendations for things to do. If you have any about anything to do in the city, we will be happy to help you.

Sports Bar South Beach

At Executive Fantasy Hotels, we know that finding the best Miami Sports Bar to enjoy your most anticipated March Madness matchups is important. If you are new to the city or are overwhelmed by all of the different options to choose from, there is no need to worry about it anymore!

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Finally take the weekend off and have a well-deserved vacation during March Madness. Call us today at (888) 871-3932 or click here to book a room in one of our locations.