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Places to Visit in Florida Miami
22 Dec

Best Places to Visit in Miami On Your Vacation

Places to Visit in Florida Miami

Are you and your boyfriend or girlfriend visiting Miami? Staying within the perimeter of your Executive Hotel the whole day is out of the question! There is so much to explore during your visit to Miami, like a day at Hollywood beach, or a night at one of the most iconic clubs in the city, or even just a relaxing dinner and music at Bayside. Here are some of the best Places to Visit in Florida Miami!

Daytime Activities in Miami

Fun Day Places: Want somewhere fun to go during the day? Add this to your bucket list!

  • Hollywood Beach Boardwalk: How does this sound? A beautiful day at the beach with unlimited ice cream shops, trendy beach stores, and adventurous bike rentals! If this is the adventure you’re looking for, Hollywood Beach is the best place to check out.
  • The Bass Museum: Contemporary art, fun walks, and quality time with your loved ones is what visiting this museum is all about!
  • Zoo Miami: The zoo is filled with such fun activities for you to do as well as watch the animals and be able to interact with them. Why stay indoors when you can explore the zoo, enjoy tasty treats, and have an adventurous time!
  • Wynwood: Instead of going to a museum to see art, Wynwood walls are filled with some of the most unique art in Miami! Take a day to check it out, take pictures, and enjoy quality restaurants around the area.

A Night in Miami

Fun Night Places: After a long day out, enjoying an exciting or relaxing night out might be the cherry on top of your day!

  • Bayside: Visiting Bayside is an adventure in itself! Just picture a stage with great live music, shops, and interesting art museums around almost every corner! There is so much to do on a night at Bayside, you’d never want to leave.
  • Clubs: Going clubbing is one of the most popular options when visiting Miami. Want to find out about the hottest clubs in Miami? Click here!
  • Lincoln Road: Like Bayside, Lincoln Road is one of the most happening areas in the city of Miami. You have a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, as well as a large range of shops to check out! Live music, great crowds, and fun activities make Lincoln Road one of the best Places to Visit in Florida Miami!

Miami Vacation

Being able to enjoy your stay at the Executive Fantasy Hotel is all part of your vacation, but don’t just stay indoors all day! Make your vacation worth your while and go out and explore all that Miami has to offer! Click here to contact us and begin planning your stay, now!