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Relationship Advice for Women
20 Jul

3 Things All Guys Secretly Wished Their Ladies Would Do For Them

Relationship Advice for Women

The world of dating can be a frustrating and exhausting experience for both men and women. It can be difficult to relate and appeal to the opposite gender when you typically have two completely different perspectives on relationships and what they entail. Only when your perspectives line up can you truly progress and connect with your partner. If you are in a slump and in need of Relationship Advice for Women, our team at Executive Fantasy Hotels is here to bridge the gap and provide some helpful insight into what your partner may really want.

While no two men are exactly the same, there are several similarities that individuals of the same gender share. When considering these characteristics, certain patterns tend to arise when men commit to a relationship with a woman. By making an effort to understand their way of thinking, you can avoid many obstacles and significantly improve the quality of your relationship.

Dating Advice for Women

In order to help you better connect with your man, here are three things all guys secretly wished their ladies would do for them:

  1. Communication: This may seem like a no-brainer, but communication is something that is often missing from a relationship and many men crave. You may have heard the generalization that men do not pick up on vague clues from their partners, but there is some truth behind this claim. Men tend to be more direct and prefer to face issues head on. Rather than beat around the bush and be expected to be mind readers, men prefer their ladies to plainly state their thoughts and emotions to work through it together. Many arguments and drawn out fights could be avoided if a partner simply took the time to logically present their side of the story.

  2. Dates: Traditionally, men are viewed as the dominant figure that is responsible for setting up dates and treating their partners to things like dinner and a movie. While this is something that most men embrace and are comfortable with when first embarking on a new relationship, expecting your man to always be the one in charge of planning your time together can get old fast. If you are searching for a way to shake things up, your partner would likely love to be surprised by a date night that is all your own. Take him to his favorite dinner spot or buy tickets to watch his favorite sports team. We guarantee that the romantic gesture will not go unnoticed. Click here for other fun date night ideas!

  3. Excitement: When you’re caught up in the daily grind, it is easy to lose some of the romance that was once there at the beginning of a relationship. Over time, you need to work for that spark as a couple if you hope to keep the attraction alive. There’s nothing your man will appreciate more than an effort to make your time together more exciting. Whether that be by breaking out a new set of sexy lingerie or catching him off guard with a passionate kiss, any attempt to stray from the norm will be appreciated.

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