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Restaurants By The Beach
21 Apr

Want to Enjoy a Nice Date Night out by the Bay? Check out These Must Go to Restaurants by the Beach!

Restaurants By The Beach

Miami is home to delicious restaurants and stunning vistas. While the two may not necessarily intersect in many parts of the nation, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy an incredible view while sipping some red wine with your meal. If you are not familiar with the Miami area, our team at Executive Fantasy Hotels have compiled a list of Restaurants By The Beach below:

  • Area 31: An immensely popular spot amongst residents and tourists alike, this spot is located on the 16th floor of the Epic Hotel in Downtown Miami. Popular for its happy hour and seafood feast, this top notch restaurant provides a stunning view of Miami’s Downtown skyline.
  • Artisan Beach House: Home to some of the city’s best chefs, this dining option offers one of the best water views in the area. Complete with outdoor seating that faces the Haulover Cut and Atlantic Ocean, it truly is one of the best Restaurants By The Beach.
  • Duffy’s Sports Grill: If you’d rather dine somewhere you’re familiar with, this location puts a twist on the popular chain restaurant. Enjoy their incredible happy hour specials while looking out into the bay, backdropped by a gorgeous view of the city.
  • Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish: Satisfy your seafood craving and grab a high quality meal with a view of the Miami River. The area is often filled with fishing boats, many of which are delivering fresh catches that are ready to be prepared right at Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish.
  • The Ritz-Carlton’s DiLido Beach Club: For an upscale indulgence right on the beachside, this Ritz-Carlton restaurant is a fantastic choice. Perfect for snacking on light seafood bites and sipping on specialty sangrias and cocktails while taking in the stunning view of the ocean.

The restaurant you decide to choose all depends on personal taste. The ones listed above all offer different speciality recipes and drink specials. However, one thing they have in common is that they supply a great view of Miami to go along with your delicious meal.

Ocean View Restaurants

Take advantage of these fantastic Restaurants By The Beach recommendations and visit one during your next stay at Executive Fantasy Hotels. We have locations all across Miami, so click here to find one and book your room today!