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31 May

Sex and 3 Benefits for Your Health

Sex Health Benefits

It’s everywhere. On TV, billboards and your computer. Oh – and in your mind. Yes, we’re talking about sex. And while nature has fortunately made it an enjoyable experience, its benefits don’t end there. Yep, there’s more good news! Turns out sex has not just one, but many real benefits toward improving and maintaining your health. Check out this week’s list – and go ahead and enjoy the benefits of a healthy – and responsible – sex life.

Enjoy Living Healthy

  1. Burn Calories – The proof is in the numbers. Thirty minutes of sex can burn a minimum of 85 calories, possibly more. Doesn’t sound like much? Consider that 42 half-hour sessions at that rate would help you lose more than a pound of excess weight. Or put it this way – three, 30-minute sexual sessions per week could afford you an extra bag of M&Ms without gaining an ounce. Have at it.
  2. Boost Self-Esteem – Before you read this one and run on out for a quick fix, you’ll want to note that the biggest boosts in self-esteem come from sex that is based in loving, committed relationships. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise. As we know, sex builds intimacy, and if you seek out countless sexual partners for the purposes of boosting self-esteem, you’ll often create the opposite problem. Relationships boost self-esteem, and a steady sexual diet in that relationship will only help.
  3. Reduce Stress – Long work week? Before you rush off to happy hour, consider stopping home for a night in. The journal, Biological Psychology, conducted a study of 46 men and women and kept logs of their sexual activity. Then, they put them in stressful situations that included public speaking and arithmetic problems (always stressful), and noted their blood pressure ratings afterward. The response? The more sexually active group responded better to stress than their undersexed counterparts. Oh, and hugs from your partner? Those can reduce stress, too.

Got some sexual benefits of your own? Share them with us! And check back next week for more from ‘The Fantasy Diaries.’ Be sure to visitwww.executivefantasyhotels.com and see how to take your fantasy game to the next level…