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29 Oct

Spooky Hotels for Ultimate Passion this Halloween

Spooky season comes with mysterious nights, tales of terror, traditions, customs, treats, candies, and so much more… but have you ever spent a Halloween night at Executive Fantasy Hotels? This year is YOUR year, so be brave and dare to experience a night in a magical room where you can bring your desires to reality!

Ever heard of EFH tales? Check this one out! Legend has it that on Halloween nights, lovers unleash their unseen sides. Spirits come alive with the freedom to be themselves and live up to their imaginations. In fact, when the clock strikes twelve, a magical sensation takes over the unsuspecting and time stops.

Every Halloween night, lovers from all around Miami visit Executive Fantasy Hotels wishing to experience a howling evening. Do YOU dare to  partake in your ultimate desires? If you and your partner are looking for private place to try unimaginable things, we offer a variety of hotels that will allow you to be yourself (or anyone else) this Halloween season.

Challenge yourself create a new scenario, have an intimate Halloween party with just the two of you. From a private garage, to music and dance poles, to love chairs and Jacuzzis, we are all set to have a spooky good time!

Come dressed up, try out some role playing, and take advantage of our well-appointed rooms. Allow the occasion of Halloween to rip your clothes apart with a beautiful trick to treat your partner with. Check out our hotel selections and choose the right one for your night..

Here are some suggestions about what awaits you in your room. Are you willing to take a step forward?

  1. Executive Tropic Garden Hotel – for those who want to keep the flame of love alive and go to places never imagined before.
  2. Executive Grand Emperor Hotel – for those who want to take control of their desires and explode with emotions in bed.
  3. Executive Presidente Hotel – for those who love to make their own rules and have the will to break some.

Executive Mansion Hotel – for those who want to feel like they’re kings and queens.