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30 Mar

Looking Like the Lobster You Ate on Your Spring Break Trip? See if This Helps!

Sunburn Relief

A trip to South Florida is sure to be filled with relaxation, fantastic cuisine, great music, and plenty of fun in the sun. However, all those rays may take a toll on your skin if you are not careful in taking the proper precautions. Did you forget to reapply your sunscreen while you were out splashing in the ocean? Perhaps you happened to have fallen asleep on a poolside chair reading your favorite book? We’ve all been there. While you may wish that your sunburn could just disappear, there is no way to turn back time, but you do have control of how you proceed with Sunburn Relief.

Nothing can put a huge damper on vacation like accidentally getting sunburned on the very first day. It is the dreaded feeling of returning to your hotel room in the evening to find you are as red as the lobster you had for dinner. Not only is the reddened skin an unpleasant sight, but a sunburn is also usually accompanied by a ton of pain. Depending on the severity of the sunburn, you might even lose out of sleep as you toss and turn on the sheets all night long.

Best Remedy for Sunburn

Rather than allow the sunburn to sit and wreak havoc on your skin, you should take steps to treat it immediately. To help you along the way, Executive Fantasy Hotels has some useful tips to make the process as pain-free as possible. Taking a cold shower is a great way to release some of that trapped heat and provide immediate relief. If you’d like to spice up your bath routine with some added bonuses that can jumpstart the healing process, there are plenty of homemade remedies that do the trick. Sunburned skin is typically unbalanced in pH levels, but adding one cup of apple cider vinegar can help level things back up quickly. For further relief for itchy skin, soaking in oatmeal can work wonders.

While your skin is healing from the unfortunate sunburn, you will want to avoid perfumes and scented soaps at all costs; beauty products such as these contain an excess of alcohol and can further irritate your already vulnerable skin. Instead, you should keep your skin hydrated with proper lotions that contain aloe vera. This may already be familiar knowledge to you if you are well acquainted with sunburns, but aloe vera is the holy grail. Not only is it one of the most effective ways to lock in moisture, but it also contains anesthetic properties that help to numb the pain and discomfort.

One last thing you should keep in mind is that sunburns are not only treated from the outside. To fully recover from a nasty sunburn, you must also work your way from the inside out. This means drinking plenty of water and investing in some juice and sports drinks that can replenish essential electrolytes. If you don’t replace those fluids you lost while you were out in the sun, your body will have a much more difficult time recovering.

What Can I Use for Sunburn

Make sure you’re keeping your skin protected while you’re out in the sun this spring break. If you happen to overdo it, these Sunburn Relief tips should cure it right up. Executive Fantasy Hotels likes to provide insight into any occasion while offering high quality, themed hotel rooms for you to relax and unwind in after your adventures. Contact Executive Fantasy Hotels at (888) 871-3932 or click here now to view our locations!