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18 Jan

The 5 Secrets of Happy Couples

Special Habits of Happy Couples

Ever notice the happy couples around you, wondering how they maintain their relationship and continue having fun with one another each year? Although appearance isn’t everything, there is often far more to these successful relationships than what we see on the surface.

Despite an extensive amount of rhetoric concerning unhappy couples who end in breakup or divorce, here at Executive Fantasy Hotels we often discover many couples who learn the secret to propagating a happy relationship.

Certain couples wield a palpable level of trust and respect with each other. This often makes it difficult to imagine them fighting about the silly things that plague many relationships. The question is, “What do they do to maintain this connection?”

All couples experience their differences, and a relationship isn’t all that different from a friendship or business partnership. We all may fight and endure frustration with one another. Nevertheless, our team at Executive Fantasy Hotels wants to share our happy marriage tips that could set you and your spouse off on the proper course to success.

Go to Bed Together

The first of our happy marriage tips is easy, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Starting, most partners remain excited about going to bed together to fool around, before falling asleep with one another.

However, the happiest couples continue to do this as time goes on. This extends far beyond a simple sex life. They will resist the urges to go to bed at different times, often getting up together as well. The happiest couples make time for each other to enjoy their counterpart’s company.

Investing Time in Intimacy

Although the last of our happy marriage tips involves spending time together in schedule and routine regarding the bedroom, this does not mean forgetting about intimacy and lovemaking altogether. Regular intimacy improves relationship happiness.

We’ve heard that engaging in intimacy with your partner once a week can improve your happiness in a similar fashion to winning a substantial amount of money. At Executive Fantasy Hotels we think that it’s time that every couple gives themselves a pay raise with one of the most enjoyable happy marriage tips on the list!


Many married couples forget the reasons they married in the first place. Hopefully, this means that you were in love, enjoying each other’s company so much that you wanted to do it together forever.

Committing to fun together is the best way to stimulate intimacy as you keep your marriage healthy. It is essential to balance the times in life where you should be serious, as well as those times to be silly. The best, happiest marriages reflect a balance of both.

The Importance of Pet Names

Pet names help to increase intimacy between couples, and very happy, functional couple understands this. They can also help partners feel closer overall. Pet names extend to almost a secret code between lovers.

The happiest spouses often have a special way of communication around other people, and especially when they spend time together alone. They alone will know these signs. This might represent something physical like a specific touch or the right amount of applied pressure, as well as eye motions and other gestures.

Spend Quality Time Together

We previously touched on the last of our happy marriage tips in the bedroom. Nonetheless, any time spent together in a relationship matters if you want it to be happy and successful. The happiest couples celebrate their anniversaries, take trips, and visit exotic locales together. They will value time spent together with their partners.

This doesn’t necessarily mean paying out a massive expenditure for a trip when you cannot afford it. You could leave the kids with a loved one or a sitter and spend a night in a new town, or at a hotel. We can extend our services here. Take the time to indulge in your partner at an Executive Fantasy Hotel.

5 Happy Marriage Tips from Executive Fantasy Hotels

Our team focuses on helping partners enjoy each other’s company in a safe, secluded environment. With Executive Fantasy Hotels you and your spouse can truly delve into your relationship away from the rigors and hassle of the modern world. For more information on a stay in one of our Executive Fantasy Hotels locations and our happy marriage tips, contact our team today!