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2 Jun

The History of the Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra is one of the most well-known pieces of literature in the world. Most understand the text to be exotic in nature, yet it’s way more than that. Although the original date is unknown, experts estimate the book’s creation to date back to 400 BC. The Kama Sutra is a text on sexuality, eroticism, and even emotional fulfillment in life. Besides being a manual on various sex positions, it is a guide on love, life partners, and living well. This ancient Indian text is surrounded by a fascinating history that has made it so intriguing for centuries.

What Does Kama Sutra Mean?

In Sanskrit, “sutra” means “thread” but it can also mean “text.” Kama translates to “desire, pleasure, love, or sex.” It also happens to be the name of the god of erotic love. When placed together, Kama Sutra is defined as “Teachings on Desire.”

This ancient text was first translated into English in 1883, hundreds of years after first being written.

What is the Kama Sutra About?

Not to most people’s knowledge, the Kama Sutra explains way more than just sex positions. Its chapters discuss various methods for dating, finding a partner, and maintaining sexual chemistry throughout marriage. A major portion of the book is dedicated to the philosophy and theory of romantic love and what triggers desire within the soul of a human being. The Kama Sutra has been discussed by experts as surprisingly liberal for its time. Women are seen as sexual as men, and men should provide women with mind-blowing lovemaking. In fact, fourth-century Hindus celebrated eroticism, believing that life had three distinct purposes: piety, prosperity, and sex. They considered the seeking of sexual pleasure to be a religious quest.

The Books

The Kama Sutra is divided into Seven Books. Each Book is dedicated to a different aspect of a man’s life. Book One demonstrates how a man should set up his life for success, while Book Two is the section on perfecting sexual techniques. Book Three speaks on the art of seduction and Book Four is about getting married and providing for your partner. The rest of the Books continue to discuss different aspects of life all the while sharing wisdom on sex and love. All of the Books are worth a read! You might learn something new.

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