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19 Apr

Think You’re Having Fun In Bed? Try This at Executive Fantasy Hotels

Make Your Sex… Sexier! With Our Love and Relationship Advice!

Many couples remain widely unaware of how it happens. They used to have so much fun with one another in bed, but suddenly, things aren’t what they used to be. By the time the clock strikes twelve, they remain more interested in catching up on SportsCenter and late-night television than a steamy session with their partner.

Even when these individuals work up the fortitude for an energetic, vigorous session, sex just feels so predictable. The excitement, as well as the passion,  feel very much missing. However, these people still like sex, most people do. When they still love their partner, what gives?

Many things like emotional barriers and poor body image, even boredom may contribute to a less-than-stellar sex life. The good news is that people can get beyond these blockades, reconnecting with their sensuality. In turn, they may reconnect with their partner as well.

Do you feel ready to light a fire in the bedroom? This love and relationship advice from Executive Fantasy Hotels might help. Give some of these moves a try during your next stay at one of our locations for some hotter, happier, and just plain sexy… sex!

Love and Relationship AdviceIndulge in Your Biggest Fantasy!

Many partners wonder how to bring up things like dirty talk, or a new position concerning a lovemaking session. An easy way to do this is by contextualizing these fantasies involving your counterpart.

Tell your boo about a steamy dream you experienced involving them. You could even bring up a Cosmopolitan article or romance novel (think Fifty Shades of Grey here) that you cannot absolve from your mind.

Ignore Your First Instinct

While many partners treat sex as an animalistic, instinctual act, in a not inherently wrong way, sometimes our first instinct is a “fight or flight response.” Fortunately, sometimes all it takes to get the juices flowing is a little push.

A plethora of rhetoric exists regarding men as the only parties that crave new experiences in the bedroom. However, this isn’t true, and research shows that women remain even more likely to want a bit of sexual novelty.

Lean on our love and relationship advice in the bedroom by satisfying your urges and doing something outside of your standard sexual regimen. This could include doing “it” everywhere but in the bed, or a quickie session in the shower before the day begins. You could even make a reservation for a distraction-free hotel hookup!

Extend Your Indulging with a Tad Bit of Roleplay

Dressing up is fun. Although many of us seem to forget this fact as we grow older, putting on a costume isn’t just for the kiddies. Pick out a sexy outfit and a persona to match. If you don’t feel quite ready to take things this far, adorn your figure with a few sensual accessories.

This love and relationship advice tip can help you, and your bae play out a fantasy with lowered inhibitions. Make things more fun by turning your lovemaking session into a little game, ensuring you indulge all of your senses with different touches, moves, and dialogue.

Love and Relationship Advice from Executive Fantasy Hotels

The Executive Fantasy Hotels team hopes you enjoyed our quick love and relationship advice tips. Nevertheless, always remember that when you feel in doubt, ignore your first instincts and take the reins. Remain assertive and even a bit bold.

To put these tips into action, contact Executive Fantasy Hotels today to learn more about a stay in one of our secluded, elegant facilities.