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31 Aug

Three Hot Ideas to Make her Heart Spark

Romantic Ideas for Wife

Sometimes you may not think about it, but chances are that your wife may be needing some attraction, satisfaction and fun humor. These three hot ideas to make her heart spark will keep her wanting some more of that real good feeling.


We all know that it all starts with attraction, but playing around with some contact can become very exciting. Kiss her and then move slightly away. When you wake up next to her and you move your feet up her leg. Grab her waste when she’s walking by you in the kitchen. A playful touch can bring her back to the first time you touched her.


Ultimately, satisfying her needs is proving to your wife that you are there for her. Meaning you understand what makes her happy. Hire a babysitter to watch your kids or stop looking at your phone  – your wife will be satisfying you tonight, for you satisfying her needs.


Who doesn’t like to laugh? Plan a night out at a comedy show or take her to the movies to watch a comedy film, it may even better to watch a classic comedy af home. A fun, intimate night at home may be just what she needs or the total opposite – take her to a fantasy hotel where you can make her giggle to her heart’s content.

Don’t forget to think back to what she used to like and replicate that especially romantic experience you had together, and try to recall some of the details. Were there candles lit? Bringing in the same scent can trigger her memories and feelings to get her in the mood. Serve that specific wine you had on an incredible night, and start a conversation about what made the evening so special. Now, reenact it and don’t forget the mistletoe.