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Valentine's Day date idea
8 Feb

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Looking for a Valentine’s Day Date Idea on a Budget?

We should know by now that you can’t buy love. Nevertheless, each year as Valentine’s Day approaches, we get barraged by commercials for expensive restaurants, jewelry, and lingerie. However, when you’re short on cash, the idea of an expensive V-Day extravaganza may make it tough to feel the love.

Face it, the traditional Valentine’s Day date is not exactly a groundbreaking idea. It typically involves spending an evening in a crowded restaurant or a jam-packed movie theater. Our team at Executive Fantasy Hotels thinks there has to be a better way.

What if you chose to do something a little bit more offbeat with your Valentine’s Day date idea?  You might discover that you end up having a better time not fighting the crowds while keeping some money in your pocket as well.

As you plan a V-Day date, try going against the grain and putting some time and effort into something unique. This might even win you some serious brownie points in your relationship. Although this surprise date may not seem inherently romantic like some more traditional ideas, the event can truly represent what you make of it. Try some of the following ideas this year for a celebration of love with your spouse.

Take a Cooking Class Together

A romantic dinner is an extremely popular, albeit commonly utilized Valentine’s Day trope. However, why eat out when you can learn from a master chef while sampling some of the finest food in the world. Cooking classes also take place outside of an expensive restaurant setting. You can engage in this Valentine’s Day date idea at a local grocer like Williams & Sonoma or Whole foods.

Turn a Single Romantic Dinner into 3 or 4

Why settle on dinner at one location when you can sample multiple cuisines? Although this entry is one of the more expensive options on our Valentine’s Day date idea list, it remains only as expensive as your relationship’s collective palate.

A progressive dinner event works by grabbing different courses of the meal at various restaurants. You can choose which types of cuisine will make the grade as you snag an appetizer at one location. Then pick up a salad at another, an entrée at another. Finally, end the night with getting a decadent dessert at yet another establishment.

Get Up Close, Hot, and Sweaty

Although this Valentine’s Day date idea may end up where your mind is going, we mean signing up for a partner’s or couple’s yoga class. These yoga classes focus on poses that you can perform in unity with your partner. This might include back-to-back bending, assisted stretching, and even face-to-face breathing exercises.

When you work out together with your partner, this could strengthen your bond as your stretch away the stress of your day-to-day. Finish this date off by indulging in a health cooling salad or smoothie. Who knows? You may even discover some new moves that you can save for later should the date reach the bedroom.

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas from Executive Fantasy Hotels

If the idea of planning out an entire Valentine’s Day night is giving you some trouble, it might be time to think outside of the conventional box. Classic date ideas can certainly make for a romantic evening, but when it comes to loving time spent with a partner, it truly is the thought that counts.

Instead of braving the crowds and blowing your entire budget for one night, choose something that represents you and your partner as a couple. Utilizing something along the lines of what’s on our Valentine’s Day date idea list will help you and your partner experience your best V-Day yet.

If you find some room in the budget and the date is approaching that certain je ne sais quoi atmosphere, consider taking things to a secluded, romantic environment at one of our Executive Fantasy Hotels locations. To learn more about how we can help you achieve the perfect Valentine’s Day, contact us today!