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15 Sep

5 Ways to Keep Things Fresh in Your Marriage (#5 Leads to the Best Room: the Bedroom)

Marriage advice you need to hear


Nothing about marriage is easy. Well, except the easiness of letting things become boring and mundane. Executive Fantasy Hotels is here to make sure that you keep the passion alive between you and your partner because they know life without passion is not a way to live at all. Give yourself permission to step out of the monotonous everyday chores and rekindle the dimmed flame that exists between you and your partner. The strength and longevity of your marriage may depend on it!


Discuss your fantasies: I’m sure you know by now that your partner will never develop mind-reading abilities (no matter how badly we want them too). Therefore, it’s unfair for you to expect them to know exactly what you wish for both in and out of the bedroom. Take time to discuss your fantasies with your partner and get to know them even better than you already do. This is the kind of Marriage Advice that is as old as time, causing it to be overlooked too often.


Revisit what used to turn you on: Reminisce on the honeymoon phase that you once had with your partner. What is it that’s missing from your romantic life now? Spontaneity? Affection? Do some reflecting on where your relationship once was, and where it is now. You may come away with more ideas than you’d think on how to spice things up!

Prioritize your spouse’s needs

Make time for each other a priority: It can be so easy to let life get in the way and allow quality time with your spouse to fall to the wayside. Anyone would lose their libido when things like work, deadlines, kids, and even personal goals are continually getting in the way. It is hard to be in the mood when the constant stresses of everyday life weigh you down. Show your partner that you still have passion left to give by booking a “stay-cation” with your loved one! Rediscover why it is that you fell so hard for them in the first place. If getting away for an extended period is too much, no worries!


Executive Fantasy Hotels can give you the room of your dreams for 3 hour time periods. So you can leave the kids with the babysitter and have your fun for a change.


Give yourself a change of scenery: You can’t expect different results with the same environment and situation that got you to where you are in the first place. While a home is a good place to build a marriage, a change of scenery is the best place to spark the passion!


Vow to try something entirely new: No, not something new meaning a different restaurant or watching the movie before dinner rather than after your meal. Try something entirely new to get your significant other in the mood. Take them by surprise by whisking them away to the incredibly romantic rooms that are available at the Executive Fantasy Hotels. This change of scenery will give you exactly what you’ve been looking for to spice up your marriage: something new, a change of atmosphere, and proof that you are prioritizing your spouse!  Not to mention, you can let your partner know that their needs are not only heard but felt. Who wouldn’t fall deeper in love after an experience like this?


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