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1 Mar

Why Guys Freak Out About Moving In Together

Moving in Together

So you’re ready to start playing house, but every time you bring it up, he stutters. Every guy’s different, but here are the four most common reasons he’s freaking out about moving in together.

The many, many ‘what ifs?’ at hand are daunting…and the list goes on.

He’s thinking: What if we start fighting all the time? What if she wants to redecorate everything? What if the sex goes downhill? What if we break up? 

He’s a mess. He doesn’t care that his stuff is everywhere and he really doesn’t want to be bothered on the matter.

He’s thinking: I only have three drinking glasses, two forks and who needs a cabinet when you have a sink?

Personal space: whatever his vice, he’s nervous he won’t be able to indulge now that you’ll be around all the time.

He’s thinking: what if I’ll never get to (fill in the blank) anymore?  

Commitment issues. It’s the last step before marriage, a word that, for some, is comparable to a horror film or, like, marriage…

He‘s thinking: Do I really want to be (figuratively) tied down?

If you’re making the move, just be sure it’s a natural progression. You’ve got drawers at each other’s places, sleep over more often than not and are both on the same page. It’s the same situation as asking yourself if you should give him a marriage ultimatum: you don’t want to linger in a situation that isn’t going anywhere,

but you should be respectful of his timeline, too.

Want to know your guy’s reason? Ask. If you’re ready to move in, then you should be ready for his answer.