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25 Aug

Is Your Significant Other a Wine Lover? Take Them on a Wine Tasting in Miami!

Wine Tasting Miami

Date nights with your significant other can sometimes become repetitive and boring. If you both work during the week, then there is only so much free time the two of you can spend together so making the most of it is important. Rather than sit silently in a movie again, try something new like a Wine Tasting Miami. At Executive Fantasy Hotels, we know the importance of an exciting date night and we want to let you know about the fun that can be had with a wine tasting date night.

Unlike other traditional date ideas, a Wine Tasting Miami is engaging and unique, here are some of the top spots to go to:

Wine Tasting Events

  • Schnebly Redland Winery & Brewery: Located in the Redlands, this is America’s most Southernmost winery. It also features a restaurant so you can grab dinner before or after your tasting. When you sign up for your tasting, you receive a collectible glass so you can return and have your next tastings at half the price!
  • Wine by the Bay: With loads of events throughout the week, just as the name suggests, you can taste different wines by the water. It is walking distance from different museums and Bayside Marketplace, so you can have some more fun after your tasting is finished.
  • Wine & Vino Boutique: Also with a load of events, you can come every Friday and enjoy a different tasting. You can plan the perfect night with a Wine Tasting Miami and enjoy the nightlife in South Beach after.

When looking for a fun date night experience, sometimes the same old restaurants and ideas may not cut it anymore. If you are looking for a new and exciting way to spend time with your significant other, look no further than a Wine Tasting Miami.

At Executive Fantasy Hotels, we know the importance of spending time and enjoying yourself with your significant other. In this busy world, it can become harder and harder to accomplish it though. If you are looking for a weekend getaway away from work and responsibility, then stay in one of our themed hotel rooms!

Wine Classes

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