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17 Apr

3 Things Men Wish Women Knew

Relationship Blogs – What He Wish You Knew

We all know the gender stereotypes. Men like sports, barbeque pits and fast cars. Women like shopping, heals and good conversation. On occasion, though, our understanding of the opposite sex pushes beyond the walls of crude stereotypes, and into a more complex domain. This week, we’ll take a quick sampling of a few things that men wish women knew, which aren’t necessarily part of the open record on gender knowledge. Next week, we’ll look at three things women wished that men knew. Enjoy.

1. You look hot when you’re dressed down.

Men are visual creatures, sure. But the things we have our eyes on are rarely the color of your heels, the shade of your blush or the manicured detail of your nails. We like you, and all of the curves and natural beauty that are part of the package. What turns us on? Sweats and a t-shirt with your hair pulled back. There’s something primal and real about seeing you in your natural state and we’ll never be able to explain it. Don’t worry – we love the dressed up, impeccably pampered version of you, too. But just know that what you were blessed with also works for us, and it works quite well.

2. Our stomach is connected to our heart.

If you’re not good at elaborate displays of affection, don’t worry. You’ll make no greater impression than the time you prepare a meal for us. That’s all it takes. Want some more good news? We’re not even picky about what it is. If it’s warm and edible and you made it, the job is complete. It might serve as a reminder of the nurturing qualities that we love about women, or it might just be because we love eating. Whatever it is, it works.

3. We like non-sexual physical affection, too.

Men are sexual creatures. That’s the rap we’ve got and we rarely shy away from it. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t crave non-sexual physical affection, too. Don’t you love it when we hug you, hold you, grab your hand, and kiss your cheek? We do, too! If we don’t show it, it’s because we’ve been conditioned not to. The truth of the matter is, though, that we get a kick out of connecting with you in a physical way. Oh, and that whole sex thing? We’ll never shy away from your advances, should you choose to take it there. Seriously, never.

Got any items on your list that we should know about? Share them with us! And check back next week for three things women wish men knew. Visitwww.executivefantasyhotels.com and see some more things that men wish women knew…