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24 Apr

3 Tips to Spice-Up Your Foreplay

Tips for Foreplay

Foreplay. It’s the part of sex that’s most often overlooked. Hey, who has time, right? But if you want to take your love game to the next level, stop and read. This neglected art could stretch your pleasure to new heights in no time.

  1. Anticipation. Ask yourself this question – Which do you spend more time doing? Thinking about sex, or actually having it? You know the answer. Consider this, though. If you’re thinking about it, don’t you think she is? Some of the best seduction is done without so much as a kiss or a touch. And one of the best ways to get your partner to a tipping point of arousal is to paint a picture in their mind about an experience that you can’t wait to share with them. So start talking. Paint a picture in their mind, then go ahead and deliver it.
  2. Slow it down. Common sense, right? Maybe. But after a while, we tend to lose the same patience and new appreciation we had when we first met. Next time, kiss slowly. Kiss everywhere, and do that slowly, too. Keep your eyes on your partner and build the anticipation to a boil. The climax will be well worth the wait.
  3. Non-Sexual Touch. Gently stroking your finger tips on his hand. Grazing your hand across her lower back and holding it there in a gentle massage up and down her spine. Getting the picture? Taking your time to appreciate the general pleasure of human touch will eventually take your mind to the thoughts of how good it feels to touch in some other areas. And it’s okay if you do.

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