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19 Mar

4 Tips to Increase Endurance

How to Increase Stamina

It is ok to admit that endurance can sometimes be a problem when you are between the sheets. There are multiple factors that can be affecting your sexual stamina and decreased sexual drive, but don’t worry — I have the cure for you. Want to last longer in bed? Follow these five simple steps to increase your sexual endurance in no time.

  1. Have a proper diet: I am sure you hear this all the time, but your diet becomes very important even when it comes to your sexual stamina. Having proper and balanced eating habits will not only keep you healthy but also boost your sexual performance. Include garlic and avocado into your diet and you will be ready to go for the long haul.
  2. Exercise: If you exercise on a regular basis, you not only increase your blood circulation, you also enhance the level of hormones such as testosterone and estrogen in the body, which boosts sexual health and virility.
  3. Ward off stress: We all know that if you are stressed, you aren’t in the mood to make love. Stress leads to low sexual drive and a decreased sexual stamina. Practicing yoga can help you fix this problem.
  4. Control your breathing during sex: During sex, your body sometimes tenses up. If you practice breathing slowly it will help you relax and prolong your sexual performance.

Give these tips a whirl and you’ll see how your partner won’t be able to resist your
newly restored sexual prowess! Do you have tips of your own? We would love to
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