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1 Sep

Shower Power – 3 Positions for Steamy Sex to ‘Wet’ Your Appetite

Shower Love Positions

We didn’t have to tell you that two wet bodies pressed against one another was a good time, but why take the risk of leaving you in the dark? Besides, we’ve been reminding you to ‘Get Wet’ at Executive Fantasy Hotels, right here in Miami. We even have waterfall showers and some rooms are equipped with private swimming pools. Hey, we wouldn’t get you hot and bothered without giving you a way to handle your business.

But back to the topic at hand – shower sex. We could spend lines of text trying to explain why it rocks, or theorize as to why the sensation is so spectacular, but who cares? The fact of the matter is that it sends your body into a frenzy of excitement and, frankly, we just want more of it. Don’t you?

Steamy Love Making Positions

  1. Face-to-Face. Water fun brings water dangers, too. If you’re going for it standing up, you’ll want to keep your balance in check. Have your guy stand underneath the shower head and face him chest to chest. Have him lift one of your legs and wrap it around his back side. He should be holding you against him with the other, then, use the leverage against one another to make some magic movements. Getting hot already? Well, just lower the water temperature.
  2. Take it to the Ground. Ladies, you’ll never look at ‘taking a bath’ the same way after this one. Lay down on the floor of the tub. Then, shift your weight over to one side so that you’re able to keep one leg resting on the ground while lifting up the other. Then have your guy slide himself over your lower leg while holding up your other leg as he makes his move. Make sure the bathtub is filled, though, and consider leaving the shower water off for this one. And just move to the ‘motion in the ocean.’
  3. The Wet Dog. An awful visual metaphor might become one of your favorites in a hurry. It’s a wet twist on doggie style from a standing start. Position the shower head directly between the point where your two bodies meet in the doggie style set-up. And feel the warm water trickle down to create more wet excitement where it matters most. If it gets to be too much to handle, consider positioning your hands up against the shower wall.

Hotels With Indoor hot tub

After reading these, maybe what you’ll need is a cold shower – that is, until you can get your guy and check off the ‘to-do’ list above in a hot shower. And we want to help you out, too! You can take advantage of a $15 off deal when you book an Executive Suite or Theme Room at our Executive Airport Hotel location. Room rentals are based on availability and you must be 18 years of age or older to get in on the fun. But days are passing by real fast so hurry in and feel free to get creative. The deal expires on October 10, 2012, so come see us today!