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1 Mar

4 Ways to Engage your Woman

Romantic Ideas for Her

Whether you’re trying to solve relationship woes, or just want to get closer to your leading lady, we promise this will help. These four points are guaranteed to wow your woman. Being romantic do not just mean gifts. Here are some Romantic Ideas for her.

1. Listen

This one should come with flashing lights and fireworks. A woman can very, very easily tell when you aren’t listening. It’s offensive and annoying, so if you’re looking to please, it’s as simple as listening up. Listening makes for better conversation and keeps you out of trouble.

2. Show that you listened 

The only thing that trumps listening is producing some kind of evidence that you did indeed listen. Whether it was to take something out of the washer or call her before you get to the gym, doing these things because you listened gets you far – and believe us, she will notice.

3. Surprise!

This one is a no-brainer. We know money can’t buy love, but let’s be real – everyone likes presents. Whether you take her for dinner and drinks or whisk her off for a weekend getaway, a nice surprise will brighten her day and bring you closer. A simple bunch of just-because flowers is a nice touch after a stressful workday.

4. Quality time 

Everyone has a busy schedule, so make sure the time you do spend together is meaningful. Put the phones and computers away, and focus on eye contact, touching and kissing. By default, quality time brings people closer together, so make time for it on a regular basis.