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15 Mar

Lack of Sleep Leads to Bad Performance in Bed

How Can Lack of Sleep Affect Your Performance?

Do you find yourself working, browsing online or watching TV into the wee hours of the night? Among the Rolodex of reasons why you should consider hitting the power switch and getting to bed early tonight, there’s one you may be shocked to read about.

Studies show that lack of sleep can have detrimental effects on the body. It can lead to higher stress levels and unwanted weight gain. And if you thought you could get past those hurdles with a good work out, there is one other result of sleep deprivation that can have you rethinking your bed time: bad sexual performance.

Research confirms that, for men, lack of sleep drags down testosterone levels, lessening sex drive. It also makes them more irritable, distracted and dull—including in the bedroom.

For women, the outcome of not sleeping enough is worse; scientists have found evidence that females feel the effects of sleep deprivation even more than men do. Anger and depression are just two consequences ladies face, neither contributing to a healthy—or existent—sex life. 

In other words: lack of sleep translates into lack of sex. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the average adult should get about seven or eight hours of sleep nightly. Getting enough shuteye comes with a plethora of positives, including a super-charged libido and the energy to explore it.

From there, the positives are endless: sex releases a flood of endorphins that naturally fight pain and stress while lifting your mood.

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So set a bedtime, take a warm bath or sip a cup of hot chamomile tea to keep your performance up to par and beyond.

Good night.