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3 Jun

5 Fun Ideas for Making A First Date Unique and Memorable

First Date Tips

Congratulations! You asked him or her out, and they said yes! Now, before we start planning your outing, let’s backtrack. How many first dates have you been on in the past? Our guess is it’s been more than a few. Now, how many do you actually remember, in a positive light? More times than not, people only remember the negative or awkward first dates they’ve been on. Don’t let that happen to you.

Forget dinner or drinks; plan something unique to make it a memorable date. Here are five fun ideas!

  1. Instead of going to a restaurant, take a cooking class or attend a food festival.
  2. Do just about anything outdoors. Enjoy a concert, take a walk or visit the zoo. Check the local event schedule – you’re bound to find something.
  3. Go somewhere that you’ve both never been to, or go to a place you both love and create some new memories there together.
  4. Spend a beautiful day on the beach. Pack a picnic and spend the day getting to know each other on the sand. Watch the sunset together before you go home.
  5. Enjoy some live music. Whether it’s a music festival or a quiet concert, it’ll be a date neither of you will forget.