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Adult Themed Hotels Miami
26 Oct

We Are Stirring the Cauldron With These Sexy Halloween Couple Ideas!

Adult Themed Hotels Miami

Halloween is right around the corner. It’s easily one of America’s favorite holidays as most are always looking for an excuse to dress up.  If you’re like us, you’ve been waiting for the 31st all year long and have tons of costume ideas. As a couple, it’s to pair your outfit ideas with your special someone, giving everyone at the office a run for their money in a costume contest.

Halloween costumes can be simple, funny, scary or sexy. Whichever you choose, we want to make sure your ensemble shows off your best side at all angles with bae. Ending your night at an Adult Themed Hotels Miami like Executive Fantasy Hotels is the perfect way to end the night after spending the night trick or treating.

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Here are three simple Halloween ideas that you can spice up with your significant other, making Halloween truly the best time of year:

Police Force

Did someone call 911? Dressing up as a police couple can get you ready to trick-or-treat or role play in the sheets. For the ladies, dressing up with a one piece body suit paired with fishnet stockings shows whos boss. With thigh high boots and a pair of handcuffs, there’s no way any lawbreakers will get past your watch. For the fellas, a police vest not only shows authority, but shows dominance. Adding accessories like knee pads and fingerless gloves make the look complete for the perfect Halloween night.

Doctor and Nurse Duo

If you’re running a fever, the first thing you should do is call a doctor. While most of us don’t have a medical degree laying around, dressing up as a doctor or nurse for Halloween is the next best thing. Usually, doctors and nurses aren’t sexy, but you can add some spice to each costume with a few accessories. For a nurse outfit, a fitted white dress accompanies by red heels, white fishnet stockings, and a hat will give extra sex appeal. Adding red lipstick will take the look over the top, showing off a nurse you’d want to call even if you aren’t sick. For Doctors, scrubs easily make the look, but adding accessories like a stethoscope will make the outfit and check up complete.

Princess and Prince

Fairy tales do exist and if you have any doubt, dress up as your favorite royal couple for Halloween. Disney does a great job of painting the romance between Cinderella and Prince Charming, Aladdin and Jasmine, and Ariel and Prince Eric which makes any of these perfect couple Halloween ideas. Each of these Princesses wear a gown some point in their storyline, but spicing it up with a bodycon dress would be ideal. Accessories like a princess tiara, large diamond earrings and an updo would would make the look complete. As for a Prince, pairing a button down shirt with gold accessories and boots will give you a look of a king. Adding a tailcoat will make you feel royal.

Ghostly Groom and Bride

Whether you’re married or  just dating, dressing up as a groom and bride is always fun. For Halloween, adding a scary touch to the classic white gown and sharp tux is fitting. For a sexy ghostly bride, shortening the gown and opting for a grey or black dress is deal. This gives more of a sex appeal to the look while staying in costume. Adding accessories like a veil and a dying bouquet of flowers complete the look. For a groom, keeping it classy in a tux fits the part. Trade in any bright colors for dark ones to show how ghostly you can get.

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